Back of the Head with a Brick


Beautiful, bittersweet poetic storytelling – in a pub conservatory overlooking the docks


🗓 20 May, 7.30pm
📍 Dr Foster’s, GL1 2ES
🎟 Tickets £12/£7

“I was young when I chose to love my city. I was in on every joke it pulled on me. I still love home but it’s not the source of strength it used to be. The jokes aren’t landing any more. I’m happy, but I never thought I’d find happiness outside this city.”

Sean Mahoney, Back of the Head with a Brick

We love Sean’s voice! What he’s got to say, the way he says it and just the way he sounds. Have a little listen for yourself to see what we mean… 🔊👇

What to expect

This latest show draws on Sean’s own experiences – of zero hours contracts and hipster cafes; of growing up and wanting to get out; of his visits to a mental health hospital to see a friend who was sectioned after hurting himself.

There’s stuff in there that might bring you to tears, and that’ll make you laugh out loud. There are some hard and even shocking moments, but also loads about finding beauty in small and unexpected things.

You’ll feel wistful, you’ll feel uplifted, you’ll feel like you want to give him a massive hug… Basically, if you like feelings, you’ll wanna be there!

Sean Mahoney returns to Strike A Light following his previous knock-out show, Until You Hear That Bell.

Age 14+. Contains themes some may find distressing.