Past Opportunities

Gloucestershire Artist Meetup Open Call

Support for artists to lead Gloucestershire artists networking events.

(The next artists meet up has been postponed however if you are interested in organising one in the future or online then we’d still love to hear from you).

We know people want regular chances to catch up with others working in theatre in Gloucestershire. We also know that the best way to create an artist network is for artists to lead it. The problem? Artists having to do extra work unpaid to make this happen. If you are a freelance artist or producer who’s interested in making something like this happen then we would like to support you!

We can provide the resource for the network meetings e.g. hiring a room etc and we can cover the time of the person organising it. What the events are & how they happen will be entirely up to the artists organising it.

If you are a local creative interested in leading one of these events or if you have any questions please get in touch with Jess, email