Youth Arts & Activism

Over the past few months we have been working with an *incredible* group of young climate activists from Gloucester who are part of ‘UKSCN Gloucester’ and organise the Youth Strikes for Climate in the City.

Last month we supported the group to organise a fundraiser ‘Australia is Burning’ at Gloucester Guildhall, to raise funds for the Australian wildfire relief fund. The event was produced by the young people and they programmed some awesome musicians and spoken word artists. Alongside this they performed a ‘scratch’ of the show we have been creating with them about their climate activism. The night was a massive success and they raised over £400!

A couple of weeks ago we took the group to the Youth Arts & Activism Symposium held at Battersea Arts Centre.

(On the way to London we made a detour to see Greta Thunberg make a speech at the Bristol Youth Strike for Climate which was an amazing way to start the weekend).

The Symposium was a two day event which brought together young activists from across the entire country. There were some brilliant workshops from experienced arts activists including Viv Gordon & Richard DeDomenici. Plus workshops and a performance by the phenomenally inspiring coletivA ocupação.

A couple of members of UKSCN Gloucester talk about the Youth Arts & Activism Symposium & ‘When it Breaks it Burns’ at Battersea Arts Centre.

“I will remember this weekend forever.

People from different countries, different races, different sexualities, different religions, people with disabilities, transgender people… you could be yourself and no one would judge- you don’t get that in everyday life. 

I laughed, I cried, I danced till my body hurt, and I bonded with people I’ve never met before.”

-Member of UKSCN Gloucester

“At the symposium, there were so many people who were like me. I got to talk to so many people that I could relate to.”

-Member of UKSCN Gloucester

We’re so proud to be working with these amazing young people and are so inspired by their passion, dedication and resilience. If you’d like to support what they are doing why not join them on their next strike in Gloucester on Friday 3 April.