Meet the artists helping us to shape the process

We wanted artists to be involved in the shaping of the recruitment process for our Let Artists Be Artists experiment.

We wanted artists to be involved in every stage of our Let Artists Be Artists experiment. We are working with four fantastic artists to help us develop and shape the recruitment process. You can read more about how these artists were selected in the notes from our initial Planning Day.

Ania Varez

Ania Varez is a Venezuelan interdisciplinary artist based in Bristol. Their work changes all the time and moves across different mediums (from theatrical experiences to postcards, from interventions in the public space to poems, and many things in between) but it’s just an excuse to explore ways of co-forging a sense of kinship with different people. They often address experiences of migration, queerness and grief. Ania believes that making art with people is one of the nicest ways of learning about being together, changing the world and sharing hope.

Photo: Paul Blakemore

Conrad Murray leant against a wooden box wearing a red and white baseball jacket and red cap.

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray is an actor, writer, director, rapper, beatboxer, singer and theatre maker. Based in Mitcham, South-West London, He is passionate about making work through hip hop and beatbox theatre. He uses his mixed Indian heritage to address issues such as race and heritage.

Darren Pritchard

A native Mancunian, Darren is a director, producer, choreographer, and vogue house mother. Darren has 20 years of experience in the fashion, theatre, television and performing arts industries. In addition to his leadership in the infamous House of Ghetto and pioneering efforts in Black Pride MCR, Darren is also the co-artistic director for the Manchester-based arts organisation Black Gold Arts.

Gemma Alldred

Based in Bournemouth, Gemma is a theatre maker, producer, writer and community artist with a specialism in arts and wellbeing practices. Gemma is a co-director of CoCreate, an arts and wellbeing CIC, is a member of the Lighthouse Poole supported writers collective Portal, and creates semi-autobiographical solo performance works for fringe spaces.