Past Opportunities

CTN: Artist Call Out

The Collaborative Touring Network is going to pay an artist for one year to make and tour a live show with 8 communities in England.

Attention artists and companies: another fantastic, year-long, funded opportunity to pursue a project of your making. 🎉🔥

  • £72k in creative fees
  • £20k in production budget
  • Any performance form
  • With our friends at CTN

The Collaborative Touring Network is looking to work with an artist, a group of artists or a company to make and tour a live show nationally, between September 2021 and September 2022.

⏰ Expression of interest Deadline: Monday 5 July, 10am

📷 Laima Arlauskaite_(coletivA ocupação)

This callout will allow an artist, or artists, or company to spend one whole year working on developing and touring a live performance with 8 communities nationally. It’s a joint initiative between Battersea Arts Centre (Wandsworth), Doorstep Arts (Torbay),
Heads Up (Hull), Jumped Up Theatre (Peterborough), Looping the Loop (Thanet), Lyrici Arts (Medway),
The Old Courts (Wigan) & Strike a Light (Gloucester).

We’re so chuffed to see this happening! It feels like another potentially-significant shift in the way the arts industry/organisations are working with artists… 🔥

(Context: it was about this time last year that we went on a bit of a rant about some of the changes we want to see in the arts industry – specifically, around employing artists, to ‘just be artists’)

With the support of a bunch of amazing partners, we’ve recently been able to do just that, which we’re really excited about.

But/and we said right from the start that a big reason for setting up this experiment was to see what difference it would make if more arts organisations were to adopt this model – for it to be part of their ‘new normal’ as well.

So we’re extra-hyped when we see other people trying out steps in a similar sort of direction as well – testing out different models to better support artists. Specifically, funding models that are about:

  • investing in artists, giving them stability and financial security
  • stopping the endless, exhausting project/grant-chasing treadmill
  • allowing artists lots of creative freedom – without specified themes or artforms

We know that, for example, Wales Millennium Centre have done stuff like this too. We’d love to see loads more! If there’s anyone else out there working on similar initiatives or thinking similar thoughts, let us know – we wanna hear!)