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Venture Through The Seasons – Luna Lotus (Ella Daniel-Lowe)

This is the latest in our series of community collaborations – bringing together Gloucester residents and artistic creativity to tell people’s stories.

By the people, for the people

Venture Through The Seasons is an evolving art installation co-created with one of our fantastic creative community activists and some amazing families at The Venture in White City. Developed in a close knit community, the mural made out of cut-out plywood sheets is inspired by the change in seasons and the mental and physical benefits of being in and observing nature particularly during the last year. 

The pieces were designed with local families in a series of Zoom workshops during lockdown and consisted of four stages which were added to The Venture Building in June.

About the artist

Luna Lotus (AKA Ella Daniel-Lowe) is an emerging visual artist, designer and studio resident at Jolt Gloucester. She aims to create accessible artwork with an emotive connection to nature with the goal of encouraging others to embrace nature and its conservation.

This is what they created

See it in person

If you want to see the installation in real life, head over to The Venture any point this summer!