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Gloucester Presents… Fashion Show

Local residents teamed up with amazing artists to produce their own choreographed fashion show 🔥

What happens when you team up a group of local residents with incredible artists to come up with their own creative event?

Well, this…

The end product: Fashion Show 🤩🎉

Fashion Show @ Gloucester Rooftop Festival. 🎥 Fluxx Films

the community

Ambitions Dance
Local young people and volunteers


the artists

Dani Harris-Walters sits on marble stairs looking down the camera lens.
Choreographer Dani Harris-Walters
Designer Valerie Simms
Producer Philippa Smith


the idea

A choreographed fashion show using dance, wearable art and music to tell a story of a journey through time – beginning with the Windrush and ending with life as we know it today.

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