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Outdoor VR dance in Matson: a GL4 event

πŸ—“ Fri 1 and Sat 2 October, 6-10pm (multiple shows)
πŸ“Œ Matson Roundabout, GL4 6LL
🎟 Free!

It’s Matson roundabout…
…but not as you know it.

Lights, smoke, music and a VR journey through another world are touching down in GL4.

β€˜I just had the most awesome time,
it was amazing!’

Audience member
A picture of Matson Green. A Large tree stands proudly in the middle of the green. It is surrounded by estate buildings.

A totally unique experience.
2 nights only. Ages 13+.
Coming October 2021.


  • No ticket required – just turn up
  • You can stay as long as you like – there will be multiple performances
  • You can bring your own food and drink, and there’s a chip shop and newsagent right next to the venue
  • There’ll be music in between shows so you can hang out and chat

Or play

  • No experience or skills required – anyone can do it
  • (Although you must be at least 13 years old to play)
  • Players must arrive 30 mins before the start time to get instructions
  • You’ll join a group of 6-7 people and play for 10 minutes

How it works

As the sun starts going down on Friday night, Matson roundabout (the massive one on Matson Avenue) will be turned into a set for a unique event: an outdoor VR experience that anyone can play.

6 people at a time will be kitted out with VR headsets and gold jackets. You’ll be given instructions to follow – and then, as you explore the VR world, you’ll suddenly be dancing in the middle of Matson, in real life.

You can choose to take part and play, or to just watch. Each round lasts about 10 minutes. There will be multiple chances to see the show, between 6pm and 10pm.

If you want to be one of the players, please sign up for a slot. If you just want to watch the show, you can just turn up at Matson roundabout any time you like!

The whole event is completely free.

Where and when

Fri 1 and Sat 2 October 2021
from 6pm

Performance times

β€’ 6pm β€’ 6.45pm β€’ 7.30pm β€’ 8.15pm β€’ 9pm β€’ 9.45pm

Matson roundabout

A big open space in the middle of the Matson estate – perfect for gathering a crowd. And it’s right by the chippy.

Matson parade roundabout
Matson Avenue
Gloucester, GL4 6LL

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

unique nights out dance seeing places transformed VR smoke and lights immersive experiences trying something new gold coats?!

This is an outdoor, evening experience. It’s suitable for ages 7+ – but players must be 13+

Practical details

Each performance is about 10 minutes long. There will be a new set of people playing each time, so every show is different. You can stay and watch as many times as you like.

The whole event is completely free.

There won’t be seating at the roundabout, so bring a blanket or a coat if you want something to sit on!

It’s a big space so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

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