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Workshop board session: climate crisis and the arts

We’re looking for people to join a workshop with the Strike A Light board and staff

“In a climate emergency, what is the role of an arts organisation? How can we create an environmental responsibility policy and action plan which is meaningful?”

🗓 Tuesday 2 November, 1pm
💻 Online (via Zoom)

Our board and staff team are working on our environmental responsibility plan and we want it to be more than just a policy about recycling paper in the office. We’d love to chat to other people about how they’re approaching this kind of work and hear about different, bold or experimental approaches from the arts and from other sectors.

If you have experiences, opinions or ideas you could share with us in the workshop we’d love to hear from you. You might:

  • be an artist or company that has navigated making carbon neutral or net zero work
  • have worked on a project which has done things differently when it comes to environmental responsibility
  • have experience or knowledge of leading an organisation through environmental sustainability or climate justice work

Why workshop sessions? 

Earlier this year, we outlined our new approach to our governance: how decisions are made about how Strike A Light is run, and how we could make sure that more voices were heard in this

Like a lot of arts organisations, Strike A Light is a charity and so our board of trustees meet regularly throughout the year to oversee, advise and support the running of the organisation. We want to open up this process and have written a couple of blogs about why we think change is vital for us and across the sector. 

In short, we will move the primary focus of our governance activity to workshops rather than board meetings – where artists, communities and industry work alongside board members to directly influence and support Strike A Light’s approach. 

Read more about what happened in our first workshop.

Rather than a single, static board who feel they have to drive the strategy and make decisions on every topic, this arrangement provides dynamic support and skills for the governance of Strike A Light.

We’ll be doing a workshop on a different topic every three months and each different workshop will involve quite different groups of people. 

There will be a combination of trustees, freelancers, arts professionals, professionals from other industries, community members and artists.

The size, make-up and dynamics of each group will change to best reflect the workshop topic. 

How does it work?

If you have knowledge, experience or a professional interest in this topic and are interested in being part of the workshop on Tuesday 2 November, then just drop us an email to let us know who you are and why you’re keen and we’ll be in touch with more details about the workshop and so you can ask any questions. 

The workshop in November will take place on Zoom, will be informal discussions and last for 1 hour and 15 mins. 

  • Workshop attendees can be paid for their time. We know there’s an issue with asking freelancers, artists etc to put in unpaid time. After the workshop you can invoice us for £75 towards your time. Alternatively you can choose to donate your time as a trustee would. You don’t need to tell us which you’re opting for – just send us an invoice afterwards, or don’t. 
  • There’s flexibility to the time commitment. You might attend future workshops too if you feel you can contribute to several topics, but equally you might just attend the one workshop that’s your bag. 
  • Workshop formats can vary to suit attendees and topic e.g. we can do one small group discussion or a structured activity with breakout sessions etc. 
  • Options for digital or hybrid meetings give much greater opportunities to work with people from across the country or even internationally. We’re planning this workshop on zoom. If you’re local to Gloucester and would prefer to meet in person for a chat on the topic or would prefer a one to one phone call we can do that too.

We hope these sessions will also give people an opportunity to find out more about how the Strike A Light board works, meet trustees and demystify the governance process.