Westgate Street Creative Community Takeover

Bringing residents’ ideas to life and transforming the high street

Let’s give Westgate Street some love! ❤️

In 2022, the city is going to put a lot of work into regenerating Westgate high street: turning disused shops and empty spaces into buzzing places where exciting things are happening.

What that regeneration looks like – what events are put on, what activities take place – should be shaped by the stories, experiences and ideas of the people who live in Westgate Street.

So we’re going to team up Westgate Street residents with a pair of brilliant artists who can help bring their creative ideas to life 🤩

What are your ideas for a great street party?! 🎉⬇️

    Suggestion box

    What are your ideas for a great street party?! 🎉⬇️ Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

      Meet the artists

      R.M. Sánchez-Camus

      Hello neighbours,

      I’m Marcelo and I’ll be running workshops, chatting to neighbours and collecting big and small ideas!

      I love to create public and social art that includes everyday people like you and me.

      Here are some of my art works:

      We’ll create something unique for the high street and everyone’s ideas are welcome!

      Looking forward to meeting you,


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      Amy Freeman

      A warm welcome to you all!

      My name is Amy and I am a community artist and social sculptor. My favourite place to work is at the end of your street.

      I am beyond excited to be working this year with RM Sanchez Camus, National Artist in Residence, Katrina McGonagle (Westgate Community Producer for Strike A Light) and the residents, organisations and businesses of Westgate Street as the Gloucestershire based Artist in Residence for the High Street Heritage Action Zone project (Gloucester Culture Quarter).

      We have grand plans for a community takeover in support of the exciting regeneration project in one of the most exciting and creative parts of our beloved city.

      During the next couple of months we will be appearing in various forms around you to encourage more art and creativity.

      We will let you know what’s happening and where, as our ideas and plans unfold over the next few weeks.

      In the meantime, please look out for us as we pop up in various places with my mobile art cart – or ‘the hub of happiness’ as I like to call it.

      Tea, coffee, cake and conversation will be readily available and opportunity to join in some quirky art activities in the street.

      We are also very keen to meet local residents who would like a space, a place or an opportunity to work with us to show their own creativity as individuals or groups.

      Singers, performers, choirs, dancers, makers, artists, musicians, community groups, jugglers, parent groups, poets.

      Feel welcome to contact us for a chance to make dreams come true and our Westgate shine in a special joint celebration!

      Want to get involved?

      If you’re a resident of Westgate Street, we’d love for you to be part of these conversations. Just drop us a line!

      About the HSHAZ project

      Westgate is one of the oldest and best preserved areas of Gloucester and the main commercial route linking the cathedral to the rest of the city. One of four original Roman routes, Westgate links the spectacular medieval cathedral to the rest of the city. Its array of stunning historic buildings includes the 15th century timber-framed Fleece Inn and Judges’ Lodgings. 

      Following a successful bid to Historic England, a local consortium of organisations – Cathedral Quarter Gloucester (CQG) – is developing and delivering schemes transforming and restoring disused and dilapidated buildings into new homes, shops, workplaces, restoring local historic character and improving public spaces.

      The artist residency programme has been established as part of High Street Heritage Action Zone programme to increase the range and number of Gloucester residents engaging with artistic and creative activities inspired by the heritage of the area.