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Join our Board!

Can you be one of our new Trustees and shape the leadership of Strike A Light?

⏰ Application deadline: 9am, Mon 4 April 2022

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Applications have now closed. You can still read over the information on this page for reference but the deadline for expressions of interest has now passed. Thanks for your interest!

Are you interested in our work at Strike A Light? Do you want to be part of helping us to succeed?

Maybe you could be one of our new board members!

We have a board of trustees that works closely with our core team. The board’s job is to work with us, support us, challenge us and make sure that we’re doing the things we’re supposed to be doing.

This might be especially exciting if you’re interested in:

🌎 changing how organisations respond to the climate crisis
🎉 shaping the future of Gloucester’s vibe and scene
🚨 shaking up arts leadership

or if you just want to be part of the Strike A Light gang! 🤗

We’ve now got an opportunity for some new trustees to join Strike A Light. Could you be one of them?!

Full details

About the role

Being a trustee is a voluntary role, that typically takes up about 1 day of your time every couple of months (6-8 days per year altogether).

If you join the Strike A Light board at the moment, you could support us with things like: 

We’re not expecting you to do all of these things – but if there is anything on that list that speaks to you or sparks your interest, we would love to hear from you! 

Specific roles/specialisms

In particular, we’re looking for people who’d be great at helping us with the following things:

two pens beside macbook

Secretary to the Board

This is a paid role: up to 8 days/year, £150/day

The board requires someone in the official capacity of secretary.

It’s a great fit for anyone interested in setting up your own organisation, or undertaking a paid role within a board or charity. It would suit someone with strong admin skills.

See the full duties/responsibilities

The Secretary is our Charity Commission Correspondent, meaning you’ll be in charge of:

  • Updating the record of Trustee appointments 
  • Liaising with the Commission on any proposed constitutional changes
  • Submitting Annual Report and annual return by the due dates

In board meetings, it’s your job to:

  • Prepare the agenda with the Chairperson
  • Circulate the agenda and any other papers
  • Check that meetings are quorate
  • Take minutes (see below)
  • Type up and circulate minutes as soon as possible after the meeting

Minutes should include:

  • Name of the organisation
  • What type of meeting (e.g. board meeting, AGM or sub-committee)
  • Date, time and venue
  • List of board members present and other people in attendance, such as staff 
  • Apologies for absence
  • Confirmation that the previous meeting minutes are a true record
  • Matters arising from the previous meetings minutes
  • Separate minute for each item discussed
  • Date, time and venue of next meeting

Because we are able to offer a fee for this role in particular, we’d love for it to be filled by an artist or creative freelancer (though that’s not obligatory, of course).

We want more artists as part of our board decision making – but we know how hard it is for artists to volunteer unpaid time. This role gives us a chance to solve that problem!

We’d recommend attending one of our info sessions to find out what’s involved or email for more info

Could be you? Apply!

Climate justice/environmental change

Rapid climate change needs urgent and drastic responses. We want to be doing as much as we can, as fast as we can – we’re talking systemic change, not just ‘recycle old flyers’.

Do you have specialist knowledge, passion or expertise in this area? Apply!

Students hold of signs protesting climate change inaction.

Gloucester resident/local knowledge (young person?)

Gloucester is at the heart of what we do. We exist to serve the city. That means understanding what makes it unique, what is needed and what the people who live here want to see happen.

We’d especially love to know more about what it’s like to grow up here, and to hear more young people’s voices on our board.

Do you have specialist knowledge, passion or expertise in this area? Apply!

Senior leadership

Leadership in the arts needs to be more equitable, diverse and representative. That’s why we’ve recently started a one-year scheme, hosting an ‘Executive Director of the Future’ (Kadisha Williams).

That means we’ve currently got an Executive Director at the beginning of her career in senior leadership.

Kadisha is keen to have support, guidance and mentoring assistance from the board. So, during this period of diversifying our leadership model, we want to work with someone with leadership experience in an established arts organisation and/or charity. 

Do you have specialist knowledge, passion or expertise in this area? Apply!


If you’ve read through all of those and feel like you definitely want to work with us but you’re not sure you fit one of those specialisms exactly… don’t worry, you can still apply!

We know that all of us have different experiences from many walks of life. We’re open to hearing and feel like there is so much that would be beneficial for us to learn from.  

About you

The board is a really important part of how Strike A Light works – so we want it to be full of fantastic people!

People can be fantastic in all kinds of ways and for all sorts of reasons. We’re excited to hear about what makes you great and how your voice can add to our leadership.

That could be about your professional CV – but it really doesn’t have to be. We’re just as interested in your character, life experience and passions.

The application process/timeline

If you’d like to chat to us about the role before applying, or if you’ve got any other questions, we’re running 2 short, informal info sessions via Zoom. These are a great chance to get to know us a bit better and decide if this is for you!

These will take place at 1pm and 6pm on Thursday 24 March.

Recording of the info session led by our Executive Director Kadisha.

If you are interested in joining the board, just submit a short application (~up to 2 pages of A4, or send us your answers in video/audio form).

There are only 2 questions at this stage:

  1. What excites you about being part of the Strike A Light board? What would YOU get out of it?
  2. Why would you be a great addition to our board?

Finally, there’ll be a brief interview via Zoom. We’ll provide you with all the questions in advance!

If you have any particular access needs, or would prefer to apply via a different format, please do get in touch with us:

🗓 Key dates

  • Info sessions: Thursday 24 March, 1pm and 6pm
  • Application deadline: Monday 4 April, 9am
  • Interviews: Monday 25 or Tuesday 26 April

Fancy being part of team Strike A Light?