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Paid callout: 2 artists for co-creation project in Gloucester

We’re looking for 2 brilliant artists of Bengali, Indian or Pakistani heritage to work alongside local residents on a new co-created project

The brief
• £3,000 fee per artist – with an additional £500 each for materials
• For a suggested 15 days of work spread between July 2022 and January 2023
• For 2 artists of Bengali, Indian or Pakistani heritage to work with Gloucester residents on a new co-created project
• Application deadline: Wednesday 8 June 2022

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What are we looking for?

We’re looking for 2 brilliant artists of Bengali, Indian or Pakistani heritage to work with Gloucester residents of South Asian heritage, of all ages, reflecting on their experiences in the UK over the past 75 years.

These roles will have a lot of creative freedom, as part of a larger project called ’75 Years: Our Story’, coordinated by local Community Producer Halima Malek.

Some parts of the project are already known: Halima will be gathering stories of people’s lived experiences and working with a filmmaker to document them; Soumik Datta will be presenting a live performance in the autumn; and the ambition that there is some kind of collective experience at the project’s conclusion.

There are no predetermined outcomes to what form your final piece will take. We want you to work alongside residents, Community Producer Halima and other artists to listen and respond to the needs of the community, and to engage and inspire people through the arts.

Who should apply?

This project will be a good fit for you if you:

  • are an artist of Bengali, Indian or Pakistani heritage
  • work in artforms that are well-suited to a collaborative process, both in the creation and sharing
  • are interested in working with communities as part of your work
  • work in a self-directed way, create your own projects and have a clear creative vision and practice
  • feel that Strike A Light’s 7 principles are a good fit with your own ethos, values and way of working

Details and FAQs

How long is the contract for?

You’ll spend approximately 15 days on this project, starting in July 2022 and being engaged until January 2023.

It’s up to you exactly how this time is spent. It could be spread over 6 months or be more concentrated over particular periods or around activities you plan.

What’s the fee?

£3,000 plus £500 materials cost to be invoiced for separately.

Plus up to £400 per artist to support travel & accommodation.

What do you want me to make? 

There are no predetermined outcomes to what form the final product will take. The only expectation is to work collaboratively and include the local community into your project delivery. Depending on the nature of your artistic work, we would expect you to engage with the community and deliver workshops, performances or exhibitions. You would get to choose the exact format.

What outcomes are you hoping for? 

We would love to see:

  • you as an artist get to make something that you’re excited about and proud of!
  • residents – including those who have not engaged with the work of Strike A Light before and who are not regular arts attenders – get excited about the project
  • local communities engaged and sharing their authentic experiences

Who will I be working with

This is about working with the community of Gloucester, specifically those of South Asian heritage. We want you to meet with people from across the spectrum of ages and experiences (though you might choose to focus on one particular group or segment), hearing and reflecting their experiences, to build up a picture of life in the city over the past 75 years.

You’ll collaborate with Community Producer Halima Malek, Strike A Light producer Milan Govedarica and other artists working on the project. They’ll work alongside you, providing additional capacity, local knowledge and their own practice.

What do you mean by a Community Producer?

A Community Producer is a local resident willing to take on paid creative and organisational tasks regarding the co-creational activities. The Community Producer initiates and delivers creative projects in collaboration with the local community and with professional support from Strike A Light (Gloucester).

How do you want me to work with other artists on the project?

You’ll be one of a number of professional artists involved across the project. Whether or how you collaborate will be up to you to decide – how you feel happy working, what suits you etc – but your creative practice will run alongside the other artists’ creative practice to create something exciting with the residents in the area.

Do I need to be from Gloucester to apply?

You don’t need to be Gloucester-based to apply – but you also won’t be able to do this work fully remotely. You will need to spend a significant amount of your time on the project in Gloucester, connecting with local residents. You must be of Bengali, Indian or Pakistani heritage to apply.

If you have more questions, please contact our producer Milan Govedarica: 

How to apply

Step 1: written application

We want to get to know you! But we also want to keep the application process as quick and easy for you as possible. So please tell us: 

  • Very briefly about you, your work and the way you like to work – what’s brilliant about you?!
  • Which of Strike A Light’s 7 principles do you particularly connect with and why?
  • What interests you about the project?
  • Your proposed approach and what might you offer local residents?

And send us 3 links to your work – these could be a website, gallery or video.

Share your answers and links with us in:

  • No more than 1,000 words
  • Maximum 6 minute video or audio file

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 8 June 2022

Step 2: hour-long interview (via Zoom)

This will take the form of a 15 minute ‘artist freestyle’, followed by a more formal set of questions (which we’ll send to you in advance.)

Artist Freestyle – up to 15 mins
Share something that gives an insight into your practice and you as an artist. It can be as creative as you want – a talk, an exercise, a play, a film – just something that helps us connect with you and your practice.

We’ll pay you for your time: £50 for an hour’s interview.

This will take place in the week of 20 June 2022.

If you would like to apply via a different format, please get in touch to arrange this.