Gloucester teenagers put on their own original show…on a moving train!

18 members of Gloucester’s Strike A Light Youth Theatre worked together to create and stage a brand new performance, taking place on board a train from Gloucester to Lydney. Over the course of 2 hours, audience members – who had booked tickets specially – were treated to a journey of the imagination: starting on the […]

Enjoyed the Kings Square reopening? There’s more where that came from!

We had a totally brilliant day for the reopening of Kings Square yesterday – thanks so much to everyone who came along & was part of a fantastic audience! 🎉🔥 If you enjoyed it, there’s plenty more where that came from… Youth Theatre & Dance We’ve got loads of opportunities for young people: Youth Theatre […]

How to change the way we work with artists: lessons from ‘Let Artists Be Artists’

The backstory For too long, there have been massive inequalities in terms of who benefits from ‘The Arts’ – both as audiences and professionals. Artists go underpaid, under-heard and under-supported. And the industry is not truly open to everyone. We want to change that. So we launched a year-long experiment: what would happen if we paid […]

Pocket guide: environmental responsibility in arts organisations

“In a climate emergency, what is the role of an arts organisation? How can we create an environmental responsibility policy and action plan which is meaningful?” Towards the end of 2021, we had a workshop-style board meeting*, looking at environmental responsibility and the climate crisis. (*We’ve changed how we do board meetings to make it […]

I Stand For What I Stand On 2021

In October 2020, Gloucester Youth Community Action performed a ‘work in progress’ of I Stand For What I Stand On at Gloucester Cathedral under Luke Jerram’s Gaia. The show was also live streamed so it could be watched all over the world. “Getting a glimpse into the lives of these Gloucester activists is so inspiring, […]

My Stand For The Earth

“In 2019, I was arrested as part of the October XR rebellion outside Whitehall. It was the day before my birthday. I didn’t particularly want to be arrested and I have mixed feelings about the efficacy of it as a way of protest but I felt out of options. I’ve stood for the Green Party […]

Let Artists Be Artists – experiment sharing session

🗓 Weds 15 September, 2-3.30pm
📌 Online, via Zoom
🎟 Free, but please book in advance

What happens if you pay an artist to just…be an artist, for a year? Join our online sharing session to hear about what we’ve learned so far

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Our first new, workshop-style board meeting

That was the question under discussion in the first board meeting following our new workshop format. (Backstory: we recently came up with a new plan for our board meetings and governance because boards need to change – and we wanted to be able to include lots of different perspectives in our board meetings.) How it […]

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Can you solve the Youth Theatre murder mystery?

The Strike A Light Youth Theatre have gotten themselves mixed up in some worrying business: Camera Cameron has gone missing 😱 – but nobody is willing to say what happened… Who is hiding the ultimate secret? Is somebody guilty? Which of the six suspects is the true culprit? Win a prize! First to send the […]

OPPORTUNITY: 1 year paid arts leadership placement – Executive Directors of the Future

We’re delighted to be partnering with Artistic Directors of the Future to host the second instalment of the Up Next arts leadership programme – a scheme designed to hand over power and resources to visionary people of colour within established theatre organisations. Under the scheme, one successful applicant will get a 1 year, 4 day/week […]

‘Let Artists Be Artists’ – 3 artists appointed

Here we go – it’s actually happening! What started as a wishful idea back in summer 2020 is now a reality. Together with a group of fantastic partner organisations, we’ve been able to appoint 3 artists – 1 full-time and 2 part-time – to ‘just be artists’ for one year. It’s an experiment in a […]

An open call to the ‘woke minority’

We’re issuing an invitation to arts organisations and allies to meet on 23 February at 5pm to discuss the “heritage summit” called by Oliver Dowden, our potential collective response as arts organisations and to offer support if appropriate to the heritage sector.

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Changing charity leadership #2: who can lead?

This is the second in a short series of rants and resolutions about why charity boards/governance structures are often a pale imitation of what they should be, and what we intend to do to change that. ‘Decisions are made by those who [are able to] show up’ This time, we’ll look at how the practicalities […]

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Changing charity leadership #1: activism, the arts and politics

This is the first of a short series of rants and resolutions about why charity boards/governance structures are often a pale imitation of what they should be, and what we intend to do to change that. Why it matters Boards should be a big deal. In theory, they’re about the leadership of an entire organisation: […]

Four people dressed as ghosts hold climate protest sings in front of them whilst stood underneath a giant earth sculpture.

I Stand For What I Stand On

We’ve been working with the most *amazing* group of Youth Climate Activists over the last year or so. We went along to their Youth Strike 4 Climate and were instantly blown away by their knowledge, conviction, maturity, confidence and energy. In Gloucester they are a small but vocal minority and carry on with their protests […]

The hear me out group sat on the grass ready to watch The Wizard of Oz.

Hear Me Out

“Because if you believe in something, it’s believable”(C, aged 16) During lockdown, spring and summer 2020, we worked with a fabulous group of young people, alongside The Venture Project in White City, meeting weekly via Zoom, listening to and watching music videos together, and discussing thoughts, feelings and opinions on music, and life in general.  […]

Gloucester Future Producer 2020: Polly May

Hi, my name is Polly and I’m a 28 year old neurodiverse queer creative, community collaborator and events producer based in Gloucestershire. I’ve been working in the cultural sector for just over six years now running community programmes, workshops and events. The main artforms I produce and work within are Fine Art (especially printmaking and […]

Conrad Murray and four children in front of a wall painted with the words 'It's always better to look where there is light.

Programming Revolution

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking to people about what 2021 and beyond might look like for Strike A Light. We have spent the last few years bringing exceptional touring work to community spaces in the heart of the city and with the current situation that’s going to look different for a […]

Let Artists Be Artists

A proposal for arts organisations to build a new normal, with artists and communities at its heart

Lit Match

Strike A Light #PullUpOrShutUp

Strike A Light’s response to #PullUpOrShutUp

We completely support the call for action for greater transparency regarding Black representation in the British Theatre industry.

Lit Match

Freelance task force: an open letter to theatre and performance makers

We’re joining more than 100 other arts organisations across the UK to help establish a ‘freelance task force’ – one way of supporting freelancers working in the arts while in-person events can’t happen. The open letter that we’ve signed, and the support we’re giving This is a letter to self-employed and freelance theatre and performance […]

Artists on lockdown: Viv Gordon

A conversation with theatre-maker, survivor activist & arts and mental health campaigner Viv Gordon

Fantastic free shows to enjoy from home

Hello lovely Strike A Light friends – hope you’re all OK. We miss seeing you! 😭 But while lockdown is in effect, we still want to find ways to share in amazing experiences with you. So here’s a quick selection of a few fantastic, free shows that you can enjoy from home this week: In […]

Culture in a time of crisis – and events in a time of isolation

Since it first became apparent that the UK was not going to escape the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve felt the need to say…something about it, and about the relationship between culture and crisis. I guess we’re all – everybody – trying to orientate ourselves right now and saying stuff out loud can be part of how […]

Lit Match

Coronavirus Update

(Updated 17 March- 11am) Following yesterday’s announcement from the government we have made the difficult decision to cancel all our shows and workshops this week. We will be contacting all audience members, participants and artists as soon as we can. You can choose to swap your ticket to a future Strike A Light event- we […]

Youth Arts & Activism

Over the past few months we have been working with an *incredible* group of young climate activists from Gloucester who are part of ‘UKSCN Gloucester’ and organise the Youth Strikes for Climate in the City. Last month we supported the group to organise a fundraiser ‘Australia is Burning’ at Gloucester Guildhall, to raise funds for […]

Co-creating change in Gloucester

Hi everyone, my name is Philippa and I am an Associate Producer for Strike A Light.  I am currently working on a project called ‘co-creating change‘ which is an initiative to encourage everyone to work together to create something special for their communities.  Gloucester has a thriving African and Caribbean community and as a member, […]

Sign reading "Smash the patriarchy" is held up in front of a grey sky by two hands

Why a programme to empower female arts leaders is so important

Last week I made a list of people to set up meetings with for a project. Because those meetings were with leaders of organisations, *there were more people called Richard on that list than there were women* It’s time for a new way of working. In the last few months two things happened. The Point […]

A stately home is perched in the background, nestled by trees. Before is a two tiered lawn, separated by brick walls. Wild flowers grow and a bench, occupied by no one, stands in wait.

Made at Hawkwood: Friday Reads

About three years ago, Alicia from Hawkwood and Emma Jane, our Co-Artistic Director, cooked up a cunning plan to offer artist residencies in the beautiful setting of Hawkwood, with producer support from Strike A Light.  Like all residencies, working for a week at Hawkwood provides invaluable time and space for artists to develop their shows, […]

Two actors wearing brown dungarees, black shirts and green hats sit in front of a red curtain. They are puppeteering a pigeon (left) and a lion cub (right)

Made in Gloucestershire

We have been working with Vinnie Heaven for the last few years and their show She’s A Good Boy began its development through a residency at Hawkwood. The show, about non-binary gender, was a reminder of the power of theatre. Young people were able to see someone like them on stage and went from thinking […]

A man and a woman smile at the camera. They wear black t shirts with a "STRIKE A LIGHT FESTIVAL" logo on them. They are also wearing heart shaped stickers with the Pride flag on them.

Overcoming Obstacles: Friday Reads

Hello! I’m Scott and I’m the Events and Tech Intern here at Strike A Light and GL4. The job sounds like it covers a lot and that’s because it really does! I could be up scaffolding focussing a light one day and chatting to a venue manager trying to organise an event the next. I […]

Two members of the GL4 team smile at the camera.

My Unexpected Journey: Friday Reads

Hi, I’m Ellie. Having lived in Gloucester for the majority of my life, you realise that there were very few opportunities for young creatives. So like the majority of Gloucester students at the time, I couldn’t wait to get out of here, and I packed my bags and went to London to study Professional Dance […]

An animated GIF. A group of people dance in a community centre while the lights fade through different colours.

Lifting the lid on the secret best nights out in Gloucester

Act 1. ‘There’s nothing going on in Gloucester’ Gloucester… is a dump. At least, that’s what Google’s autocomplete will tell you if you start typing in ‘Gloucester is…’ In a 2016 survey, students at the University of Gloucestershire were asked to name their single favourite thing about the city. The overwhelmingly top answer, the runaway […]

A table top. On it is a bell and a wad of cash. Imposed over it is a digital clock.

What happened at The Money : Friday Reads

The Money by Kaleider at Gloucester Cathedral is one of those events we are definitely all going to be talking about for years to come. Eliott Sheppard was one of those lucky enough to watch as the drama of this unique, participatory show unfolded. “Bringing together a community from all different backgrounds has been something […]