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Wellbeing Activities Assistant: Internship

🔥 Do you like sports, dance or outdoor activities?
🔥 Do you have an interest in cooking, baking or healthy eating?
🔥 Do you enjoy working with people, especially children and young people?

We’re looking for an intern to work with The Venture team in White City to support their activities to improve the health and wellbeing of young people in their local community. The internship will also provide you with the opportunity to develop skills and learn more about leading participatory activities and other job roles to support your future career.

This internship is offered by Strike A Light and The Venture who work in close partnership together.

The Venture provide free, open access play sessions and activities for children and young people in White City. They aim to raise the aspirations of young people in the local community, giving them opportunities to try new things to help show them what they can achieve in life. The intern will be hosted and managed by The Venture.

The internship is offered as a part time role (3 days a week) for 1 year and will be based at The Venture.

Rate of pay: £8.91 per hour.

Primary Purpose

Working under the general direction of the Play Co-ordinator at The Venture to assist in the planning and delivery of after school, weekend and school holiday activities for children and young people with a particular focus on developing and delivering a regular programme of health and wellbeing activities and opportunities.

This is an internship position and so you do not have to have lots of experience or have worked in this kind of job before. The aim of the internship is to provide an opportunity to develop your skills and help you in your future career, whilst supporting the work of The Venture. 

The Venture in White City

If you do have voluntary or paid experience doing any of the tasks listed in the job description above, even better. Let us know about this in your application.

We are particularly keen to hear from people local to Matson, Robinswood and White City.

Apply now

If you would like to apply via a different format (e.g video/audio) please get in touch

Closing date: Wednesday 2 February

Interviews: Wednesday 16 February

All roles within Strike A Light and The Venture that undertake working with children, young people or vulnerable adults will need to complete a DBS check.

This post is funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

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Pocket guide: environmental responsibility in arts organisations

“In a climate emergency, what is the role of an arts organisation? How can we create an environmental responsibility policy and action plan which is meaningful?”

Towards the end of 2021, we had a workshop-style board meeting*, looking at environmental responsibility and the climate crisis.

(*We’ve changed how we do board meetings to make it easier to get lots of different perspectives in our organisational leadership.)

We gathered (virtually, on Zoom) a group of artists, event organisers, climate specialists and activists alongside our staff and trustees to get our teeth into the topic.

Lots of people emphasised the importance of transparency in that discussion – so we’re sharing ideas and wisdom that came out of the session so that anyone can use any bits that are helpful.

NOTE: at this stage, these are things that people suggested or mentioned in the workshop. We can’t claim that these are all things that we are doing already, or even that we definitely will do. Like everyone, we’re ‘on a journey’ with these changes. We want to go as fast as we can but we’re also conscious of how far we’ve still got to go. We’ll at least try to be open and honest about our progress along the way!

In a hurry? Hate gifs? Download or share this as a 2-page ‘pocket guide’ (Google Docs)

5 ways arts work can directly help with the climate crisis

  1. We support creative work, stage ‘public spectacle’ events and have the marketing skills to reach audiences. Harness these elements of our work directly to the climate cause.
  2. We know and work with brilliant artists – experts in powerfully engaging people’s attention and emotions. Team these creatives up with scientists.
  3. We regularly put on events with hundreds of people in attendance. Use our skills to launch citizens’ assemblies to debate and pressure.
  4. We have ongoing communications with loyal audiences who love what we do and will listen to what we have to say. Work with our audiences to make our voice louder.
  5. We are part of a ‘place infrastructure’ – people travel to our venues and events and we contribute to the shape of our area. Play an active part in making travel environmentally-sustainable where we are based.

9 things we can start doing right now to bring climate policies to life in our day-to-day operations

  1. Put sustainable activities in our Business Plan. Build climate considerations into business planning and KPIs.
  2. Specifically allocate staff resource and time to environmental responsibility.
  3. Audit suppliers and artists we work with to make sure they share our values and commitment to combating the climate crisis.
  4. Pay people more! (Climate justice and economic justice are inextricably linked).
  5. Climate considerations should cut through everything we do: the way we procure, the way we market, the way we do our cleaning… So make sure climate considerations are on every meeting agenda.
  6. Train up our staff on Carbon Literacy. Create a Carbon Literacy Toolkit for the organisation for training purposes.
  7. Calculate our digital carbon impact as well as our physical one.
  8. Keep talking about climate justice. Be public and transparent about our policies and progress (or lack thereof!). Share what’s working and what’s not with other organisations. Share our climate values in communications other than dry, internal policies.
  9. Increase sustainability in physical spaces we control. Plant some bee-friendly plants! Find ways to harvest rainwater!

3 big picture perspectives to keep in mind across everything

  1. The system’s got to change, not just actions. This needs to go beyond small modifications to ‘business as usual’. We should articulate the view that the relentless drive for economic growth and exploitative, colonialist capitalist ‘norms’ are fundamental drivers of the climate problem, and that clear alternatives must be sought.
  2. Resist ‘growth-at-all-costs’. ‘Green growth’ may be a contradiction in terms. Slow everything; reduce quantity of output to allow more space for thinking about the quality of our sustainability.
  3. Vote with our wallet. Be choosy about who we work with: don’t spend our money with companies that deny the climate crisis, or work against it; do develop creative partnerships with companies striving for positive climate action. Support our staff to take dedicated time for sustainability efforts.

4 examples of handy resources/further reading

  1. Big picture: read Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics
  2. Practical changes: use Julie’s Bicycle‘s carbon footprint spreadsheet.
  3. Practical changes: use online services like Networked Condition that can help analyse websites and the digital impacts we have on the environment
  4. Harnessing our work to the climate cause: check out I Stand For What I Stand On at COP 26 – a co-created show about the climate crisis

Future board workshops

We’re planning to continue with this format of board workshops. If you’re interested in participating in future sessions, follow us on socials so that you know when the next workshop is coming up!

Credit: Ed Rees/Pigfoot Theatre

Spring 2022

We’ll be back with more fantastic events and experiences in Gloucester soon.

To get a taste of the sorts of things we do, check out our 2021 roundup film, or have a look at all our past events.

Hope to see you soon! 🔥

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Hungry Nation – part 1: conversation

What to expect

Eat, listen and debate to find out how food poverty is related to us.

You might not be suffering from food poverty, but in Coventry, there are still people who struggle for food and experience being hungry in their daily life. 

Listen to our 10 storytellers, who have lived experience of being hungry or accessing emergency food banks, as they share their personal stories in a relaxed performance over lunch or dinner at Foleshill Community Centre – Coventry’s first and largest Social Supermarket.

Hungry Nation is an opportunity for us all to hear some of the key issues related to food poverty faced by Coventry people today. We’ll add to the collective’s solutions in a friendly debate and generate ideas for what must be changed.

Strike A Light have been working with Coventry participants to collectively create this performance together. Hungry Nation will culminate in April 2022 as part of Coventry UK City of Culture with a larger public performance that is co-curated with the participants. 

Co-produced by Coventry City of Culture Trust and Strike A Light. Supported by Spirit of 2012, Arts Council England, Strike A Light, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Feeding Coventry.

Image: Jo Newman

1 in 4 parents in the UK have skipped a meal as they cannot afford it

End Hunger UK

All ticket sales will go directly to Feeding Coventry, a small charity with big ambition: to create a food resilient city in Coventry where nobody goes hungry.

Where and when

Foleshill Community Centre

A community centre offering a hub for events, activities and other functions for the local population

Friday 3 December 2021, 1.30pm & 7pm

757 Foleshill Rd

Practical details

This event will be captioned.

Together, we will discuss how to solve the key issues that many people in Coventry are facing today in a friendly debate over food.Headline topics include:

  • What are the root causes of food poverty in Coventry – and what are the local, and national, policy solutions?
  • What are the main barriers that people face when accessing food?
  • Should we have a right to food?
  • How can we work together to help people avoid becoming hungry?

Facilitator: Dr Jasber Singh, Associate Professor, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University

Past Opportunities

Gloucestershire Artist callout

The brief
• £5,500 fee
• 36 days spread over 1 year
• For an artist based in or near Gloucester to work with residents in Westgate Street
• Application deadline: Monday 10 January 2022

Jump to:
about the role
details and FAQs
how to apply

What are we looking for?

A brilliant artist (based in or near Gloucester) to embed in the Westgate Street community in Gloucester, finding and amplifying stories in the area.

You’ll work alongside residents, a community producer and another artist to uncover the stories of Westgate Street – historic, social and lived – to celebrate the role and importance of this historic area.

We want you to listen and respond to the needs of the community, and to engage and inspire people through the arts.

Who should apply?

This project will be a good fit for you if you:

  • are based in or near Gloucester, know the area and have good local connections
  • work in artforms that are well-suited to a collaborative process, both in the creation and sharing
  • have a clear idea of who your work speaks to, is for or is created with
  • are interested in working with communities as part of your work
  • work in a self-directed way, create your own projects and have a clear creative vision and practice
  • have something to say – and particularly if you are are under-heard or under-represented in the industry
  • feel that Strike A Light’s 7 principles are a good fit with your own ethos, values and way of working

Details and FAQs

What’s the project that this role is part of?

You’ll be working as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone (!) project in Gloucester – basically, an effort to revitalise the Westgate area of the city through its heritage.

Westgate is one of the oldest and best preserved areas of Gloucester and the main commercial route linking the cathedral to the rest of the city. One of four original Roman routes, Westgate links the spectacular medieval cathedral to the rest of the city. Its array of stunning historic buildings includes the 15th century timber-framed Fleece Inn and Judges’ Lodgings. 

Following a successful bid to Historic England, a local consortium of organisations – Cathedral Quarter Gloucester (CQG) – is developing and delivering schemes transforming and restoring disused and dilapidated buildings into new homes, shops, workplaces, restoring local historic character and improving public spaces.

The residency programme has been established as part of High Street Heritage Action Zone programme to increase the range and number of Gloucester residents engaging with artistic and creative activities inspired by the heritage of the area.

Westgate Street, Gloucester

How long is the contract for?

You’ll spend 36 days on this project, starting as soon as possible after February 2021 and running over the course of a year. 

It’s up to you exactly how this time is spent. It could be 1 day a week or be more concentrated over particular months or around activities you plan.

What’s the fee?


All staff working on the project – both artists, community producer etc – will be paid at the same rate.

We have a budget of £2,000 to support any events or activities you might want to organise.

What do you want me to make? 

There are no specific outcomes that have been decided. You don’t have to do a specific number of projects or shows and can choose how you create with the community. 

How do you want me to work?

In a co-created way that shifts the balance of power and listens and responds to the needs of the community.

The Cathedral Quarter HQ, a former shop unit at 21 Westgate Street, will be available as a base for you to work from and there are other community spaces within the zone that can be utilised for activities and events such as ‘The Folk of Gloucester’ building.

Cathedral Quarter HQ on Westgate Street, Gloucester

What outcomes are you hoping for? 

We would love to see:

  • you as an artist get to make something that you’re excited about and proud of!
  • residents – including those who have not engaged with the work of Strike A Light before and who are not regular arts attenders – are excited about the project
  • local communities engage with Westgate and celebrate the role and importance of this historic area
  • you using your knowledge and creativity to make the best use of pop-up cultural spaces on Westgate, contributing to the increase in the footfall
  • Westgate residents building civic pride, better wellbeing, more confidence and new skills
  • work happening in partnership with local organisations and across different disciplines (arts, heritage, regeneration, communities, economic development)

Who will I be working with

Most importantly, the community of Westgate Street in Gloucester.

Many of the people you’ll be working with are adults in challenging situations, or with additional needs – so it’s important that you’re able to work in a way that’s suitable to their circumstances.

Of course, there are lots of different groups you might want to connect with – such as elderly residents, or local independent businesses. If you want to understand more about the area and the people you might want to include in your work, get in touch with us and we’ll happily chat things through with you.

You’ll collaborate with the Community Producer and other artist. They’ll work alongside you, providing additional capacity, local knowledge and their own practice.

What do you mean by a Community Producer?

A Community Producer is a local resident willing to take on paid creative and organisational tasks regarding the co-creational activities. The Community Producer initiates and delivers creative projects in collaboration with the local community and with professional support from SAL.

How do you want me to work with the other artist on the project?

You’ll be one of two professional artists involved in the project. Precisely how you collaborate will be up to you to decide – how you feel happy working, what suits you etc – but your creative practice will run alongside the other artist’s creative practice to create something exciting with the residents in the area.

Artist RM Sánchez-Camus has recently been appointed as the other artist. His practice incorporates community co-authorship into installation, performance, and text with a focus on co-creation, participation, psychogeography, and community wellbeing.

Why is it only open to artists based in or near Gloucester?

There are two artist roles as part of this project. We felt it was important to ensure one of these roles was specifically ring-fenced for an artist with local knowledge and connections.

If you have more questions, please contact our producer Milan Govedarica: 

How to apply

We think carefully about how our application processes work. There are two things that are really important to us in this one:

  1. we want to make job applications better for artists – easier to do, fairer and less stressful!
  2. we want to devolve decision-making power over to the residents and communities who you’ll be working with

We have tried to create this recruitment process with that in mind:

Step 1: written application

Simply tell us: 

  • Very briefly about you, your work and the way you like to work
  • Which of Strike A Light’s 7 principles do you particularly connect with and why?
  • What interests you about the Westgate Street residency? 
  • Your proposed approach and what might you offer local residents?

And send us 3 links to your work – this could be a website, gallery or video.

Share your answers and links with us in:

  • No more than 1,000 words
  • Maximum 6 minute video or audio file 

The deadline for applications is Monday 10 January 2022

Step 2: a day in Gloucester (paid)

3 artists will be selected for step 2: a paid invitation to spend a day in Gloucester walking, talking and eating with residents and partners.

If you are selected for step 2, you will:

  1. Arrive first thing in the morning
  2. Get a tour of the area
  3. Interview with key partners to tell them about your work and experience and ask any questions you may have. Plus an ‘artist freestyle’ (see below).
  4. Interview with community members to talk about you, the way you work and your ideas over lunch and a repeat of the ‘artist freestyle’.

Artist Freestyle – up to 15 mins
Share something that gives an insight into your practice and you as an artist. It can be as creative as you want – a talk, an exercise, a play, a film – just something that helps us connect with you and your practice. 

We’ll pay you for your time: £250, plus a contribution toward travel.

This will take place 1 – 3 February 2022.

If you would like to apply via a different format, please get in touch to arrange this.


Youth Dance Juniors

By joining Youth Dance Juniors you will get to:

  • Perform in various dance showcases
  • Develop and experiment with dance techniques
  • Create original work
  • Work with exceptional choreographers
  • Gain opportunities, training and career prospects

As a member of the dance company you will receive fantastic opportunities not only to perform in but also to see new dance shows, with free tickets to events and performances.

Bookings are open now
A diverse and inclusive company, we welcome dancers from all backgrounds, capabilities and dance styles.

£70/term – free places also available

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Bright Nights: Globoscope

What to expect

Head out on a magical night-time stroll through an illuminated landscape.

Pulsing, glowing orbs will transform Robinswood Hill into a multi-sensory light experience for all the family.

Available after dark!

⭐️ Completely FREE
⭐️ Great for all ages
⭐️ Grab some amazing photos!

Winter lights fantasy! Amazing sounds – esp Globoscope. Go check it out!

Audience member

Where and when

Robinswood Hill

A beautiful hilltop country park, and home to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Globoscope will cover the whole of the front of the hill – when you first go past the visitor centre and cafe. There is some parking available on site.

26-28 November 2021, 5pm-9pm

Robinswood Hill
Reservoir Road
Gloucester, GL4 6SX

Practical details

This event is completely free.

It is taking place on cold, dark winter evenings – so remember to come prepared!

Wrap up warm 🧣
You’ll probably want to wear wellies or other sturdy footwear 🥾
And it will be dark – so have your phone or your torch ready! 🔦

It is wheelchair accessible: there’s a smooth concrete path straight from the car park up the hillside (although the hill is steep and might be a bit slippy!)

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust will have a range of activities to help you explore the site, and the café will be open for hot drinks and snacks.

We are pleased to be partnering with Global Streets – a national programme that is inspiring local change through unforgettable international outdoor arts experiences coupled with targeted engagement activities. Gloucester is one of 12 places around the UK to be part of the Global Streets programme.

Archive Coming up Events

‘I Remember When…’

Missed the live event? Watch the video of the evening!

Stories from the Windrush generation in Gloucester

Hear Elders from Gloucester tell their stories of life in the city – in the 1960s and today.

Featuring live music from a local band, free Caribbean food and a performance from spoken word artist and Bristol laureate Miles Chambers.

if you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all

Chinua Achebe

Can’t make it to the event in-person? Watch the free livestream online! ▶️

There’s been really high demand for this event! And we know that, even if we still had tickets available, not everyone is able to attend events in-person. So we’re going to livestream the evening as well.

Let us know your email address and we’ll send you a link to watch the online video stream of the event – live from 6.30pm on Tues 2 November.

What to expect

Join us at the Guildhall for a celebratory evening of stories, film and spoken word – complete with live band and free Caribbean food.

The evening kicks off with a relaxed meal in the main hall. Grab a plate and take the chance to chat as the band gets started.

There’ll be live music while you eat, and then the lights will go down, the big screen will come on and you’ll have the opportunity to watch Elders from Gloucester tell their stories in short films.

The films will be interspersed with spoken word performances from fantastic poets, including Bristol laureate Miles Chambers.

Where and when

A photograph of the Gloucester Guildhall's The Hall space.

Gloucester Guildhall

Gloucester’s premiere music and performance venue, right in the middle of Eastgate Street.

Gloucester Guildhall
Eastgate Street
Gloucester, GL1 1NS

Practical details

The evening lasts 2 hours in total, including the food, the band, the filmed stories and the spoken word performances.

The Guildhall will be laid out ‘cabaret-style’, with chairs grouped around tables on the hall floor.

Food will be served from 6.30pm. The bar will also be open and serving drinks. You’re welcome to take food and drinks with you into the hall, for the band and the films.

Online ticket shop

Supported by

Past Opportunities

Creative Community Activists: Callout

  • Are you aged between 18-30 and based in Gloucester?
  • Are you an emerging artist/creative with an interest in making a positive impact in your community?
  • Would you like to take part in a new, paid, short term scheme with training, delivered by Strike A Light?

What is it?

Strike A Light would like to support 4 young emerging artists/creatives, based in Gloucester between December 2021 and March 2022 to develop and deliver a creative idea that:

  • helps to connect people
  • engages with those who may have less opportunity to get involved in creative activities

What we will offer:

  • A fee of £1920, based on £120 a day for 16 days.
  • A budget of up to £500 for materials/costs to deliver your idea
  • An artist mentor to support you with your idea and help make it a reality
  • Access to the wider Strike A Light team, helping you think about what being a community artist can do and be.
  • A project manager to support you through the process.
A cute baby sloth with the words Oh Really? Tell me more.

How do you apply?

Share your ideas with us. Please let us know:

  • What you want to do?
  • Who is it for?
  • How it will connect people?
  • What you need to make it happen?

This can be a written proposal (no longer than 1000 words), or a video (no longer than 3 minutes). If this application process doesn’t work for you then please email to arrange an alternative.

Please send your ideas to us by Tuesday November 9 2021

We will let you know whether your idea has been successful by November 19 2021.

We particularly welcome applications from those from under-represented groups in the creative sector. We are also particularly interested in projects that can engage with communities in White City, Matson and Robinswood.

Please send your application via email to Jess at with the subject line ‘Creative Community Application’.

Awesome people making this project happen! 🙏🎉

This opportunity is funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

Cover Image: ‘Venture Through the Seasons’ – Ella Daniel Lowe

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The Multi-Story Orchestra

🎼 Epic, stirring music
🤝 Performed with young people from Gloucester
🎻 And an entire live orchestra
🤫 In a huge hall at an unexpected venue

‘a joy to see!’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Arts Desk

What to expect

We’re transforming the giant sports hall at GL1 into a unique performance venue for one night only.

You’ll come in through a normal-looking leisure centre – but then our team will lead you down a side corridor, through a set of double doors…and you’ll step into a vast, dark space that will start to fill with incredible, stirring live music.

The music – called Our Future In Your Hands – will be performed by a full orchestra and will sound EPIC: big, dramatic, swelling, cinematic strings and voices that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up…

This is NOT a stuffy classical concert. The evening will be super relaxed:

  • the musicians perform in hoodies, jeans, trainers (not tuxedos)
  • you can grab a seat wherever you want – there’ll be mats down the front for kids to sit on if they want to get right up close
  • make as much noise as you like – clap, cheer, whistle. Dance, if you feel like it!

We’ve even managed to smuggle a bar into the sports hall. And you can eat and drink during the performance if you want.

Where and when

Fri 19 November 2021

GL1 leisure centre

GL1 Leisure Centre

A huge sports centre at the end of Eastgate Street. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from Gloucester Station or, if you’re driving, there’s a small car park at GL1, or there’s parking nearby in Eastgate or King’s Walk car parks. There are plenty of places to get food nearby if you want to grab dinner while you’re out.

GL1 Leisure Centre
Bruton Way
Gloucester, GL1 1DT

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

unique nights out trying new things stirring music inspirational young people incredibly skilled musicians immersive experiences events in unusual places violins?!

Practical details

The performance will start at 6pm, but you’re welcome to arrive any time from 5.30pm and grab a drink in the bar.

There are toilets on site and you can get up and move around, leave the hall etc any time you like during the performance.

It’s a big space so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

Online ticket shop

Please note: Strike A Light will be taking photos at this event. These images will be used by Strike A Light to share news about our work, and to publicise our future events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on Strike A Light’s social media pages. They will be stored securely and will be deleted once they are no longer needed. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to a member of our team. If you would like to see your images, or would like us to delete them, please email us on at any time.

A unique event. One night only. All welcome.

Our Future In Your Hands was commissioned by the Buxton International Festival, in collaboration with the Royal Over-Seas League.

This is a Genesis Kickstart Fund project, supported by the Genesis Foundation. The Multi-Story Orchestra are grateful to the following funders who have made this event possible:

Arts Council England
Borletti-Buitoni Trust
PRS Foundation
Granada Foundation
Britten Pears Foundation
John and Susan Bowers Fund
Marchus Trust
Thistle Trust
Three Monkies Trust

We’re grateful to Gloucestershire Academy of Music for the loan of music stands and chairs for the orchestra!