CG commissions

Sarah Dixon: ‘What Do You Dream Of?’

A community art show in a phone box!

For her #creativeconnection Sarah has set up a gallery in a decommissioned phone box on her street, and is inviting residents to create artworks for exhibition in the individual windows. Anyone can get involved and see the work; check it out on Instagram and Facebook!

About the artist

Sarah Dixon is a socially-engaged conceptual artist using a broad range of platforms and media to create participatory works. A founding member of the WAAS, her work explores how the human social organism functions and evolves both online and IRL.

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Katy Costigan: ‘Stella’ Activities for Kids

Having brought our family show ‘Stella’ to Gloucester Cathedral last Autumn, we wanted to use this original story as the basis for a number of online activities aimed at children and their families.

WISH UPON A STAR – A simple instructional craft activity. Create your own star, make a wish and share it on social media channels, with the additional option to receive Star letters in the post, like a Star pen pal!

HOW TO BE AN ALIEN – An interactive session with Stella, our very own girl on the moon.

STELLA STORY TIME – The story of Stella told online by Ivy from the show. Features original illustrations and an original musical soundtrack, with the aid of green screen software to transport the audience into the world of Stella.

About the artists

Filskit Theatre was formed in 2009 with a mission to ignite the imaginations of children and their families whilst developing artists, accessibility and hard to reach audiences. Filskit are committed to building future young and family audiences and a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable sector by developing the art form and the skills of our collaborators.

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Hannah Whyte: art radio

This project is a community art radio show, focusing on the broadcast of local/emerging music, poetry, audio-based artworks, and writing.

Hannah says:

Live radio transcends space and borders, connecting people across towns, regions, and even countries, which is why I think it’s an ideal format for art-sharing during a period of social isolation. Tuning in at a set time each week, with the knowledge that other people are hearing exactly what you are, is ultimately uniting, and could serve to bring people together during this isolated time, as well as providing a platform for little-known local artists.

Tune in at 8pm on Wednesdays by visiting To get involved, submit your music, poetry and audio-art to

About the artist

Hannah’s work revolves around community and collaboration. She is interested in books, zines, events, experiences, spaces – and their radical potential for bringing people together, forming alternative structures outside of the gallery format.


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Danielle Salloum: ‘Sisterhood’

Sisterhood is a photography and mixed media project highlighting ten women from the Gloucestershire region. The portraits and artwork have recently been exhibited at The Wilson (up until the temporary closure of the venue). These uplifting stories of diverse, extraordinary women from the local area celebrate and pay tribute to the multi-dimensional beauty of women, and the value of that beauty in this time of crisis.

Each woman will share her thoughts on aspects of COVID-19, encouraging the audience to look at the current scenario from another perspective – to interact and connect with other people in this unprecedented time.

The project will be placed on a variety of online platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Create Gloucestershire’s website.

About the artist

Danielle is a young photographer, filmmaker and artist who is passionate in raising awareness of issues she feels strongly about, from human rights and social equality, to the struggling environment and the rise of veganism.

CG commissions

Viv Gordon: ‘Voices from Lockdown’

Viv is compiling a series of short videos that tell the beautiful, funny and real stories of local people in lockdown. These will reflect the unique, the unexpected and the shared experiences of the Gloucestershire community during social isolation.

Call out for voices

Watch the short video to find out more about the project. And if you’d like to add your voice please go to to let Viv know you have a story to tell.

About the artist

Viv Gordon is a theatre maker (writer/performer), arts and mental health campaigner and survivor activist. The majority of her work explores mental health, abuse and trauma grounded in my lived experience of childhood sexual abuse. Viv’s work is a campaign to forge survivor voice, visibility and community.

Find out more at or on her Facebook page.

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Soozy Roberts: ‘The Covid Covers’

The Covid Covers is an online project by Soozy Roberts, where you are invited to dedicate a song to someone who deserves a shout-out during lockdown and social-distancing. The idea developed out of a series of self-portraits she created in 2017 that had songs as titles – the challenge being to create your own song cover using yourself, household members and objects.

The dedications will be played on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and a special one-off show on Song covers and dedications will be exhibited on the website gallery and the top 10 images will be printed, framed and presented to GRH as a thank you for their amazing efforts. We hope to hold a concert in Gloucester when things return to normal. Get involved over at!

About the artist

Soozy Roberts is a socially-engaged artist working in a range of disciplines and with communities to bring art into everyday environments and site-specific spaces.

Events Lockdown

Sean Mahoney, ‘Boxedin’ – live online

Date and time TBC

Sean was supposed to be coming to Gloucester to perform in-person – but obviously lockdown meant that couldn’t happen. So instead, we’re bringing him to you live online! Tune in to watch the full performance.

We love Sean’s voice! What he’s got to say, the way he says it and just the way he sounds. Have a little listen for yourself to see what we mean… 🔊👇

What to expect

Boxedin is a poetry night that Sean – along with Yomi Sode, Amina Jama and film-maker Abu Yillah – has been running since October 2012.

The event, which is the first to feature a minute-and-a-half open mic format, aims at being both forward-thinking and accessible, allowing poets to have a huge, fun night without removing the focus on poetry.

We look forward to hosting this special online edition while lockdown prevents gathering in person.

Sean Mahoney returns to Strike A Light following his previous knock-out show, Until You Hear That Bell.

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Collected poems – from Halima Malek

Halima is a Gloucester-based poet and long-time friend of Strike A Light. She’s working with her local community, encouraging people to write and record their experiences of lockdown. We’ll be sharing them on our site soon!

Sneak peeks


Creative ways to connect during lockdown

We all know the importance of staying connected at the moment – but endless Zoom calls alone don’t give you the full experience of real connection and community.

So, a few weeks ago, we launched a callout to artists and makers to come up with ideas that could connect individuals and communities across Gloucestershire in this time of crisis. 

From the applications we received, we chose 8 talented artists who have each designed a project which will encourage new and uplifting ways for people to:

  • stay connected 
  • feel part of a community
  • express themselves artistically
  • make their voices heard – especially people who feel cut off or excluded

Check out the full set of projects below. Anyone can join in with these, and we especially hope that they will help those who feel the most isolated. We’d love you to join us and take part – full details on how to get involved coming soon!

Artist Hannah Whyte leant against a white wall next to a piece of half hidden artwork. Hannah is wearing a green army style jacket and glasses.

Hannah Whyte: art radio

A community art radio show, focusing on local/emerging music, poetry, audio-based artworks, and writing.

Awesome people making this possible 🙏

CG commissions

Danielle Tipton: ‘The Next Act’

Daniella’s #creativeconnection is to create a collaborative short film during this challenging time of isolation. 

Do you remember as a child playing a game where everyone sits in a circle and one member would start the story and it would carry on to the next person who would take the story in whatever direction they felt like? This project applies the same process to film-making, initially in collaboration with other members of the Wilson Art Collective, then eventually extended to the wider Gloucestershire community.

Email Daniella at to get involved, and find the Next Act channel on Youtube to follow progress so far!

About the artist

Danielle’s art-work is primarily based around mental health awareness – creating work that encourages discussion around mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression and children with problematic upbringings. One of her main goals in life is to be a role model to other people with disabilities and encourage them with their aspirations.

Get Involved