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Bright Nights: Globoscope

What to expect

Head out on a magical night-time stroll through an illuminated landscape.

Pulsing, glowing orbs will transform Robinswood Hill into a multi-sensory light experience for all the family.

Available after dark!

⭐️ Completely FREE
⭐️ Great for all ages
⭐️ Grab some amazing photos!

Winter lights fantasy! Amazing sounds – esp Globoscope. Go check it out!

Audience member

Where and when

Robinswood Hill

A beautiful hilltop country park, and home to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Globoscope will cover the whole of the front of the hill – when you first go past the visitor centre and cafe. There is some parking available on site.

26-28 November 2021, 5pm-9pm

Robinswood Hill
Reservoir Road
Gloucester, GL4 6SX

Practical details

This event is completely free.

It is taking place on cold, dark winter evenings – so remember to come prepared!

Wrap up warm 🧣
You’ll probably want to wear wellies or other sturdy footwear 🥾
And it will be dark – so have your phone or your torch ready! 🔦

It is wheelchair accessible: there’s a smooth concrete path straight from the car park up the hillside (although the hill is steep and might be a bit slippy!)

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust will have a range of activities to help you explore the site, and the café will be open for hot drinks and snacks.

We are pleased to be partnering with Global Streets – a national programme that is inspiring local change through unforgettable international outdoor arts experiences coupled with targeted engagement activities. Gloucester is one of 12 places around the UK to be part of the Global Streets programme.

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‘I Remember When…’

Missed the live event? Watch the video of the evening!

Stories from the Windrush generation in Gloucester

Hear Elders from Gloucester tell their stories of life in the city – in the 1960s and today.

Featuring live music from a local band, free Caribbean food and a performance from spoken word artist and Bristol laureate Miles Chambers.

if you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all

Chinua Achebe

Can’t make it to the event in-person? Watch the free livestream online! ▶️

There’s been really high demand for this event! And we know that, even if we still had tickets available, not everyone is able to attend events in-person. So we’re going to livestream the evening as well.

Let us know your email address and we’ll send you a link to watch the online video stream of the event – live from 6.30pm on Tues 2 November.

What to expect

Join us at the Guildhall for a celebratory evening of stories, film and spoken word – complete with live band and free Caribbean food.

The evening kicks off with a relaxed meal in the main hall. Grab a plate and take the chance to chat as the band gets started.

There’ll be live music while you eat, and then the lights will go down, the big screen will come on and you’ll have the opportunity to watch Elders from Gloucester tell their stories in short films.

The films will be interspersed with spoken word performances from fantastic poets, including Bristol laureate Miles Chambers.

Where and when

A photograph of the Gloucester Guildhall's The Hall space.

Gloucester Guildhall

Gloucester’s premiere music and performance venue, right in the middle of Eastgate Street.

Gloucester Guildhall
Eastgate Street
Gloucester, GL1 1NS

Practical details

The evening lasts 2 hours in total, including the food, the band, the filmed stories and the spoken word performances.

The Guildhall will be laid out ‘cabaret-style’, with chairs grouped around tables on the hall floor.

Food will be served from 6.30pm. The bar will also be open and serving drinks. You’re welcome to take food and drinks with you into the hall, for the band and the films.

Online ticket shop

Supported by

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The Multi-Story Orchestra

🎼 Epic, stirring music
🤝 Performed with young people from Gloucester
🎻 And an entire live orchestra
🤫 In a huge hall at an unexpected venue

‘a joy to see!’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Arts Desk

What to expect

We’re transforming the giant sports hall at GL1 into a unique performance venue for one night only.

You’ll come in through a normal-looking leisure centre – but then our team will lead you down a side corridor, through a set of double doors…and you’ll step into a vast, dark space that will start to fill with incredible, stirring live music.

The music – called Our Future In Your Hands – will be performed by a full orchestra and will sound EPIC: big, dramatic, swelling, cinematic strings and voices that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up…

This is NOT a stuffy classical concert. The evening will be super relaxed:

  • the musicians perform in hoodies, jeans, trainers (not tuxedos)
  • you can grab a seat wherever you want – there’ll be mats down the front for kids to sit on if they want to get right up close
  • make as much noise as you like – clap, cheer, whistle. Dance, if you feel like it!

We’ve even managed to smuggle a bar into the sports hall. And you can eat and drink during the performance if you want.

Where and when

Fri 19 November 2021

GL1 leisure centre

GL1 Leisure Centre

A huge sports centre at the end of Eastgate Street. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from Gloucester Station or, if you’re driving, there’s a small car park at GL1, or there’s parking nearby in Eastgate or King’s Walk car parks. There are plenty of places to get food nearby if you want to grab dinner while you’re out.

GL1 Leisure Centre
Bruton Way
Gloucester, GL1 1DT

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

unique nights out trying new things stirring music inspirational young people incredibly skilled musicians immersive experiences events in unusual places violins?!

Practical details

The performance will start at 6pm, but you’re welcome to arrive any time from 5.30pm and grab a drink in the bar.

There are toilets on site and you can get up and move around, leave the hall etc any time you like during the performance.

It’s a big space so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

Online ticket shop

Please note: Strike A Light will be taking photos at this event. These images will be used by Strike A Light to share news about our work, and to publicise our future events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on Strike A Light’s social media pages. They will be stored securely and will be deleted once they are no longer needed. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to a member of our team. If you would like to see your images, or would like us to delete them, please email us on at any time.

A unique event. One night only. All welcome.

Our Future In Your Hands was commissioned by the Buxton International Festival, in collaboration with the Royal Over-Seas League.

This is a Genesis Kickstart Fund project, supported by the Genesis Foundation. The Multi-Story Orchestra are grateful to the following funders who have made this event possible:

Arts Council England
Borletti-Buitoni Trust
PRS Foundation
Granada Foundation
Britten Pears Foundation
John and Susan Bowers Fund
Marchus Trust
Thistle Trust
Three Monkies Trust

We’re grateful to Gloucestershire Academy of Music for the loan of music stands and chairs for the orchestra!

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‘I Stand For What I Stand On’: the tour

Feeling dismayed about the state of the world? Need a top-up on hope in the face of rapid climate change? These 4 brilliant Gloucester teenagers will give you a fresh sense of optimism.

👀 Come watch
👏 Show your support
🎧 Hear their take
💪 Get fired up
🌍 Maybe save the world?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – ‘inspiring’ (Epigram)

What to expect

I Stand For What I Stand On features a live cast of 4 young climate strikers from Gloucester and a digital cast of global young activists. The show is performed directly to each audience member through headphones with original sound and digital design.

Drawing on autobiographical experiences, a love of Harry Styles and ABBA, an extraordinary understanding of the climate crisis and using cardboard protest signs, I Stand For What I Stand On shares the young international cast’s thoughts and fears about the impending climate crisis and explores the reality of being a teenager and growing up in the shadow of the climate emergency.

This show was extraordinary! It was moving and inspiring. I’m so proud of this work and these young people

Audience member

The show is fully captioned for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Age Guidance: 14+
Running time: 60 minutes

Such important work and some really moving moments

Viv Gordon, theatremaker

The biggest ever congratulations!! That was so incredible – we’re absolutely blown away and so grateful that it was live streamed so we could watch it!

Audience member

That was so, so powerful, thank you so much

Hetty Hodgson, theatremaker

The background

In 2019, Strike A Light met a group of striking young climate activists from Gloucester, shouting in the streets.

They were a small group of extraordinary young people aged 14-18. Protesting with banners and their voices. Shouting for their future and shouting in the wind. Shouting to survive. Shouting words of wisdom and shouting beautifully crafted speeches that would put many politicians to shame, they were often met with abuse.

Strike A Light offered them some office space to hold their meetings and two years later, co-created a new live show with them. I Stand For What I Stand On is that show.

Tour dates

📍 Tobacco Factory, Bristol
🗓 13 Oct, 8pm

📍 Guildhall, Gloucester
🗓 27 Oct, 7.30pm

📍 COP26, Glasgow
🗓 5 Nov

📍 Warwick Arts Centre
🗓 Sun 7 Nov, 6.15pm

📍 The Pleasance Theatre, London
🗓 Sun 14 Nov, 4pm

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Outdoor VR dance in Matson: a GL4 event

It’s Matson roundabout…
…but not as you know it.

Lights, smoke, music and a VR journey through another world are touching down in GL4.

‘I just had the most awesome time,
it was amazing!’

Audience member
A picture of Matson Green. A Large tree stands proudly in the middle of the green. It is surrounded by estate buildings.

A totally unique experience.
2 nights only. Ages 13+.
Coming October 2021.


  • No ticket required – just turn up
  • You can stay as long as you like – there will be multiple performances
  • You can bring your own food and drink, and there’s a chip shop and newsagent right next to the venue
  • There’ll be music in between shows so you can hang out and chat

Or play

  • No experience or skills required – anyone can do it
  • (Although you must be at least 13 years old to play)
  • Players must arrive 30 mins before the start time to get instructions
  • You’ll join a group of 6-7 people and play for 10 minutes

How it works

As the sun starts going down on Friday night, Matson roundabout (the massive one on Matson Avenue) will be turned into a set for a unique event: an outdoor VR experience that anyone can play.

6 people at a time will be kitted out with VR headsets and gold jackets. You’ll be given instructions to follow – and then, as you explore the VR world, you’ll suddenly be dancing in the middle of Matson, in real life.

You can choose to take part and play, or to just watch. Each round lasts about 10 minutes. There will be multiple chances to see the show, between 6pm and 10pm.

If you want to be one of the players, please sign up for a slot. If you just want to watch the show, you can just turn up at Matson roundabout any time you like!

The whole event is completely free.

Where and when

Fri 1 and Sat 2 October 2021
from 6pm

Performance times

• 6pm • 6.45pm • 7.30pm • 8.15pm • 9pm • 9.45pm

Matson roundabout

A big open space in the middle of the Matson estate – perfect for gathering a crowd. And it’s right by the chippy.

Matson parade roundabout
Matson Avenue
Gloucester, GL4 6LL

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

unique nights out dance seeing places transformed VR smoke and lights immersive experiences trying something new gold coats?!

This is an outdoor, evening experience. It’s suitable for ages 7+ – but players must be 13+

Practical details

Each performance is about 10 minutes long. There will be a new set of people playing each time, so every show is different. You can stay and watch as many times as you like.

The whole event is completely free.

There won’t be seating at the roundabout, so bring a blanket or a coat if you want something to sit on!

It’s a big space so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

Online ticket shop
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‘Ripe’ – outdoor circus at the old bowling green

What to expect

A thoroughly entertaining half-hour performance from brilliant trapeze artist Tilly Lee-Kronick.

Ripe is Tilly’s own one-woman show: it’s funny, impressive and it’ll get you talking with your friends.

Grab a seat in a scenic outdoor space in the middle of Gloucester and enjoy the mix of circus skills, music, comedy…and a big banana costume 🍌

Tilly is a seriously skilled trapeze artist

“One of the funniest circus performances I have ever seen.”

Resolution Review – Siobhan Murphy

Where and when

Friday 3 September 2021
1.30pm and 7pm

The old bowling green 😮🤩

A hidden gem, tucked away in the middle of Gloucester. It’s normally locked up but we’ve got access specially for this event!

Greyfriars Bowling Green
Gloucester, GL1 1HT

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

circus skills comedy impressive physical feats fun activities for kids family outings feminism the unexpected bananas?!

This is genuinely a show that anyone can enjoy. It’s suitable for all ages. The trapeze tricks will wow you whether you’re 7 or 70, and there are clever themes, jokes and ideas woven in as well.

Bring the family, or your mates, or just pop along on your own. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

We’re putting on a daytime performance (1.30pm) so you can still come and see the show if it’s hard for you to get out in the evenings.

“Not just funny and original…thought-provoking, too.”

Audience member

Practical details and tickets

The show lasts about half an hour.

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

A show like this would often cost £7-£12. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone. Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

There won’t be seating at the bowling green, so bring a chair or a blanket if you’d like something to sit on.

It’s a big space for 100 audience members so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

The show mostly happens high up on a trapeze – so you’ll be able to see, wherever where you sit!

Online ticket shop


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Krump Double Bill – Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash

🗓 Weds 6th October, 7.30pm
📍 Gloucester Guildhall, GL1 1NS
🎟 Pay what you like

Can you learn something just by watching someone dance?


What Is It?

A ‘curtain raiser’ performance by young local dancers from Ambitions Dance followed by a double bill of shows from one of the UK’s leading Krump dancers.

Krump: A form of street dance characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. It’s the rock and roll of the R&B world, a way of expressing difficult emotions, the ones that get you all twisted up inside.

BLACKLIST is an explosive piece asking how do we cope with inner conflict? Delving into brotherhood, isolation and friendship explored through hip hop, krump and theatre.

FIG LEAF asks what does it mean to be a man? And when does masculinity become toxic? Swinging from love and support, to anger and aggression. The dancers fight the urge to compete with one another and instead attempt to create a support network, brotherhood and community bond.


‘’Nash’s fiercely intelligent FIG LEAF harnessed the heightened aggression of krumping to grapple with toxic masculinity’’

Donald Hutera

“Nash offers a mission statement that he ‘aims to change perceptions of krump being nothing more than an aggressive dance style’ With BLACKLIST he achieves this and much, much more”
Ian Abbott

“A gripping and violent exploration of masculinity and vulnerability through the dance style of Krump”
A Younger Theatre

Practical details and tickets

The show lasts about 70 minutes.

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

A show like this would often cost £10-£15. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone. Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

Covid safety
We know not everyone will be comfortable with being back in a packed-out indoor venue, so we’re putting on this show with a reduced capacity – so there’ll be an amount of social-distancing between seats.

We’ll also bring people into the hall in smaller groups, to help keep the queue nice and spread out as well.

Online ticket shop
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The End of the Pier Show

💻 Available online (via youtube)
🗓 Monday 15 February (10am) – Friday 19 February (10pm)
🎟 FREE (no ticket required)

💥Written and performed by Jonny Fluffy Punk 💥
Co-presented by Strike A Light, Gloucestershire Libraries and Pound Arts.

At the end of a soon-to-be-closed-down pier in a forgotten seaside town, Pierre the pier handyman spends the last weeks as he always does: catching fish for his old bedridden mother and making strange and wonderful things from the rubbish he finds on the beach.

Then who should wash into his life but a homeless mermaid with a spiky attitude and a story to tell! And things aren’t going to be the same again… Can kindness lead to great things? Can a bit less litter make a difference? Can the world’s first human/mermaid rock ‘n’ roll band make big waves?

Renowned stand-up poet and lo-fi theatre maker Jonny Fluffypunk presents a brand spanking new little show for families, with poetry, puppetry, story, song and a healthy dose of ramshackle anarchy.

‘Acute social observation, intricate humour, surreal fantasy, sharp irony and wit… and England’s most pretentious moustache.’ – The Independent

Perfect for kids and adults alike! (Age guidance 7+)

Awesome people who have made this happen! 🙌

Archive Events

Of Earth And Sky

Watch the round-up film

Of Earth and Sky has arrived in Gloucester!

Check out the full map of locations – all the places around Gloucester to find the giant letters, words and poems.

Keep an eye on #OfEarthAndSky to see people’s photos!

Large white letters saying Of Earth and Sky in a field with views over Gloucestershire.

🗓 from 24 August
📍 various outdoor locations across Gloucester (socially distanced)

A brand new creation from Luke Jerram – the artist behind the giant moon at Gloucester Cathedral

Sneak peeks

See what the people of Gloucester have got to say – written out in giant letters across 20+ locations!

What to expect

From early September, huge words will appear in more than 20 different outdoor spaces across Gloucester.

The giant letters will spell out individual words, short sentences and poems sent in by Gloucester residents – and picked out by Luke Jerram and local spoken word performer JPDL.

Some of the words will be chalked into the landscape (Cerne Abbas Giant-style). Others will be more like the Hollywood sign – tall, white letters standing in parks, fields and hillsides around the city.

The locations have been selected to ensure social distancing is possible at all times!

Awesome people who are making this event possible 🎉🙏

Delivered by:

In partnership with:

Supported by:

Gloucester Quays logo

Gloucester presents: ‘SheSpoke’

📅 August-November 2020

What happens when you team up a group of local residents with a pair of incredible artists (one from Gloucester, one touring)? That’s what ‘Gloucester presents…’ will find out!

We put a community producer and two brilliant artists in a room together, with some money and some time, and asked them to dream up some creative events or activities that local residents would love.

Who’s involved?

Community producer: Aysha Randera

Aysha is a mum of 5 who runs The Emma Willis Sewing Studio at Barton & Tredworth’s Friendship Cafe.

Gloucester artist: Halima Malek

Halima Malek is a Gloucester-based artist and makeup artist whose parents originated from India. She uses words and poems to heal and express herself. She was one of several women invited to read for International Women’s Day at St Mary de Crypt church. She works closely with the Indian and Muslim communities in Gloucester.

Malaika Kegode

Touring artist: Malaika Kegode

Malaika is a poet, promoter and workshop facilitator; she is assistant producer for Blahblahblah, the longstanding poetry event at Bristol Old Vic, and is founder and director of Milk Poetry. She has performed around the UK at a number of celebrated venues, festivals and poetry events, including Tongue Fu, WOMAD, Boomtown Festival and BBC at the Edinburgh Festival. Photo credit: Chelsey Cliff

What’s happening?

Throughout history, both poems and textiles have been used as a place for recording information and for telling our stories. 

Over the past couple of months, a small group of women have been meeting for socially-distanced workshops, run by the brilliant Malaika Kegode and Halima Malek, learning together to find their voices and express themselves in poetry.

And now a sewing group, under the care of the amazing Aysha Randera from the Friendship Café, are turning those poems into a beautiful piece of textile work, which will be displayed as a banner in the centre of Gloucester.

There will also be an online reading of the poems that the group have produced so watch this space!

Where’s it happening?

Community meetings have been taking place at the Friendship Cafe.

Want to get involved?

If you’re a resident of Barton & Tredworth, we’d love for you to be part of these conversations. Just drop us a line!