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‘I Stand For What I Stand On’: the tour

What to expect

An intimate performance, I Stand For What I Stand On features a live cast of 4 young climate strikers from Gloucester and a digital cast of global young activists. The show is performed directly to each audience member through headphones with original sound and digital design.

Drawing on autobiographical experiences, a love of Harry Styles and ABBA, an extraordinary understanding of the climate crisis and using cardboard protest signs, I Stand For What I Stand On shares the young international cast’s thoughts and fears about the impending climate crisis and explores the reality of being a teenager and growing up in the shadow of the climate emergency.

The show is fully captioned for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

This show was extraordinary! It was moving and inspiring. I’m so proud of this work and these young people

Audience member

Such important work and some really moving moments

Viv Gordon, theatremaker

The biggest ever congratulations!! That was so incredible – we’re absolutely blown away and so grateful that it was live streamed so we could watch it!

Audience member

That was so, so powerful, thank you so much

Hetty Hodgson, theatremaker

The background

In 2019, Strike A Light met a group of striking young climate activists from Gloucester, shouting in the streets.

They were a small group of extraordinary young people aged 14-18. Protesting with banners and their voices. Shouting for their future and shouting in the wind. Shouting to survive. Shouting words of wisdom and shouting beautifully crafted speeches that would put many politicians to shame, they were often met with abuse.

Strike A Light offered them some office space to hold their meetings and two years later, co-created a new live show with them. I Stand For What I Stand On is that show.

Tour dates

📍 Tobacco Factory, Bristol
🗓 12-13 Oct, 8pm

📍 Guildhall, Gloucester
🗓 27 Oct, 7.30pm

📍 COP26, Glasgow
🗓 5 Nov

📍 Warwick Arts Centre
🗓 7 Nov


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Outdoor VR dance in Matson: a GL4 event

It’s Matson roundabout…
…but not as you know it.

Lights, smoke, music and a VR journey through another world are touching down in GL4.

‘I just had the most awesome time,
it was amazing!’

Audience member
A picture of Matson Green. A Large tree stands proudly in the middle of the green. It is surrounded by estate buildings.

A totally unique experience.
2 nights only. Ages 13+.
Coming October 2021.


  • No ticket required – just turn up
  • You can stay as long as you like – there will be multiple performances
  • You can bring your own food and drink, and there’s a chip shop and newsagent right next to the venue
  • There’ll be music in between shows so you can hang out and chat

Or play

  • No experience or skills required – anyone can do it
  • (Although you must be at least 13 years old to play)
  • Players must arrive 30 mins before the start time to get instructions
  • You’ll join a group of 6-7 people and play for 10 minutes

How it works

As the sun starts going down on Friday night, Matson roundabout (the massive one on Matson Avenue) will be turned into a set for a unique event: an outdoor VR experience that anyone can play.

6 people at a time will be kitted out with VR headsets and gold jackets. You’ll be given instructions to follow – and then, as you explore the VR world, you’ll suddenly be dancing in the middle of Matson, in real life.

You can choose to take part and play, or to just watch. Each round lasts about 10 minutes. There will be multiple chances to see the show, between 6pm and 10pm.

If you want to be one of the players, please sign up for a slot. If you just want to watch the show, you can just turn up at Matson roundabout any time you like!

The whole event is completely free.

Where and when

Fri 1 and Sat 2 October 2021
from 6pm

Performance times

• 6pm • 6.45pm • 7.30pm • 8.15pm • 9pm • 9.45pm

Matson roundabout

A big open space in the middle of the Matson estate – perfect for gathering a crowd. And it’s right by the chippy.

Matson parade roundabout
Matson Avenue
Gloucester, GL4 6LL

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

unique nights out dance seeing places transformed VR smoke and lights immersive experiences trying something new gold coats?!

This is an outdoor, evening experience. It’s suitable for ages 7+ – but players must be 13+

Practical details

Each performance is about 10 minutes long. There will be a new set of people playing each time, so every show is different. You can stay and watch as many times as you like.

The whole event is completely free.

There won’t be seating at the roundabout, so bring a blanket or a coat if you want something to sit on!

It’s a big space so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

Online ticket shop
Coming up

Gloucester Presents… Fashion Show

What happens when you team up a group of local residents with incredible artists to come up with their own creative event?

Well, this…

The end product: Fashion Show 🤩🎉

Fashion Show @ Gloucester Rooftop Festival. 🎥 Fluxx Films

the community

Ambitions Dance
Local young people and volunteers


the artists

Dani Harris-Walters sits on marble stairs looking down the camera lens.
Choreographer Dani Harris-Walters
Designer Valerie Simms
Producer Philippa Smith


the idea

A choreographed fashion show using dance, wearable art and music to tell a story of a journey through time – beginning with the Windrush and ending with life as we know it today.

See more ‘Gloucester Presents…’ events

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Let Artists Be Artists – experiment sharing session

What is it?

A 1.5 hour online sharing session, reporting back on what we’ve learnt from the first few months of our ‘Let Artists Be Artists’ experiment.

This ‘industry sharing’ event is aimed at anyone interested in the idea of finding new ways to work with and support artists – in particular, organisations or individuals considering trying out a similar approach, testing out a new model for commissioning or reviewing how they work with artists.

The focus will be on sharing what we’ve learned so far, with three main goals in mind:

  1. to continue to be transparent in the whole process
  2. to hopefully make it easy for others to try out something similar for themselves
  3. to stimulate ongoing conversation about how to build a fairer, more adventurous arts industry

We will share:

  • How the project came about
  • The purpose of the experiment, but also the nuts and bolts of how it worked in practice
  • How we involved artists in its development
  • The recruitment process: how it was run, what worked and what didn’t (both from our perspective and that of artists)
  • The 3 appointed LABA artists will share their experiences so far
  • Specific resources and documentation from everything so far – everything from the overall project framework down to the Google Sheets and Apps Script we used to make shortlisting more manageable

Practical details and how to join

The session will take place online, via Zoom (live captioning available)

Places are free, but you do need to book in advance so that we have an idea of numbers! (You’re also welcome to make a donation towards our work if you’d like to!)

We will send out the Zoom link and joining information to all bookers closer to the date of the session (Weds 15 Sep)

Funders and partners

We’re so grateful to all of the organisations who are joining us to make this a reality:

Action Hero | The Arts Development Company | Bristol Ferment | Create Gloucestershire | GL4 | Gloucester Culture Trust | Jerwood Arts | MAYK | Pound Arts | Theatre Bristol | Theatre Orchard | Travelling Light Theatre Company | Trinity Bristol

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Outdoor circus (x2!) at the old bowling green

What to expect

‘Roll Up, Roll Up’ by Simple Cypher

Amazing, physically-impressive tricks performed with effortless agility – including a whole routine inside a massive, spinning steel ring known as a Cyr wheel.

Watch as the two performers build on each others’ moves, combining freestyle hip hop and b-boying with juggling and acrobatics to wow audiences of all ages.

‘Pirate Taxi’ by Pirates of the Carabina

Have you ever seen someone spinning, upside down, in a hoop, 20ft up in the air, balanced by their partner, on the ends of a see-sawing ladder, rotating on top of a car?

Sometimes serious, but more often funny, Pirate Taxi is a family-friendly circus show for adventurers of all ages. Enjoy incredible aerial performance on an incredible set – literally built in and on an old-school London taxi!

The funnest start to a Saturday afternoon in Gloucester, with 2 fantastic circus performances back-to-back!

“will delight, surprise and inspire the whole family”

Pirates of the Carabina review – Belinda Seeney

Where and when

Saturday 11 September 2021, 2pm

Greyfriars Bowling Green
Gloucester, GL1 1HT

The old bowling green 😮🤩

A hidden gem, tucked away in the middle of Gloucester. It’s normally locked up but we’ve got access specially for this event!

Who will enjoy it

Great for anyone who likes:

circus skills parkour impressive physical feats fun activities for kids family outings acrobatics people working together taxis?!

These are two shows that anyone can enjoy. The content is suitable for all ages. Even cynical teenagers will be impressed by the giant spinning wheel tricks or the balancing act on a 30ft scaffold.

Bring the family, or your mates, or just pop along on your own. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

Practical details and tickets

The two shows combined last about an hour.

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

An event like this would often cost £10-£15. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone! Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

There won’t be seating at the bowling green, so bring a chair or a blanket if you’d like something to sit on.

It’s a big space for 100 audience members so there’ll be plenty of room if you want to spread out from other people.

Online ticket shop


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Krump Double Bill – Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash

🗓 Weds 6th October, 7.30pm
📍 Gloucester Guildhall, GL1 1NS
🎟 Pay what you like

Can you learn something just by watching someone dance?


What Is It?

A ‘curtain raiser’ performance by young local dancers from Ambitions Dance followed by a double bill of shows from one of the UK’s leading Krump dancers.

Krump: A form of street dance characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. It’s the rock and roll of the R&B world, a way of expressing difficult emotions, the ones that get you all twisted up inside.

BLACKLIST is an explosive piece asking how do we cope with inner conflict? Delving into brotherhood, isolation and friendship explored through hip hop, krump and theatre.

FIG LEAF asks what does it mean to be a man? And when does masculinity become toxic? Swinging from love and support, to anger and aggression. The dancers fight the urge to compete with one another and instead attempt to create a support network, brotherhood and community bond.


‘’Nash’s fiercely intelligent FIG LEAF harnessed the heightened aggression of krumping to grapple with toxic masculinity’’

Donald Hutera

“Nash offers a mission statement that he ‘aims to change perceptions of krump being nothing more than an aggressive dance style’ With BLACKLIST he achieves this and much, much more”
Ian Abbott

“A gripping and violent exploration of masculinity and vulnerability through the dance style of Krump”
A Younger Theatre

Practical details and tickets

The show lasts about an hour.

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

A show like this would often cost £10-£15. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone. Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

Covid safety
We know not everyone will be comfortable with being back in a packed-out indoor venue, so we’re putting on this show with a reduced capacity – so there’ll be an amount of social-distancing between seats.

We’ll also bring people into the hall in smaller groups, to help keep the queue nice and spread out as well.

Online ticket shop
Coming up Events Lockdown

Protected: Treasure Hunt!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Coming up Events


(Updated 17 March: 11am)

Following yesterday’s announcement from the government we have made the difficult decision to cancel all our shows and workshops this week. We will be contacting all audience members, participants and artists as soon as we can. 

  • You can choose to swap your ticket to a future Strike A Light event- we can credit your customer account and you can then book using this credit in future.
  • You can choose to donate your ticket to Strike A Light we will contribute your donation to our ticket campaign so that in future a child in Gloucester can see a show for free.
  • If you do not want to do any of the options above then we can offer a refund for your ticket.

    To arrange this please contact with the name your tickets were booked under, the event name, the number of tickets and what you’d like to do.

Behind the scenes we’re working together with artists, companies & tutors and keeping up to date on the latest guidance. We’ll post updates on our social media. 

Thank you for your support in these unprecedented times.

We believe that with the combined creativity of the Strike A Light family we can find some ingenious ways to keep you entertained over the following months.

Keep in touch & stay safe!

Lots of love from the Strike A Light team 🔥

Audio Coronavirus Update
Autumn 2020 distanced Coming up Events

Jonny Fluffypunk’s ‘The End of the Pier Show’

🗓 Date and time TBC
📍 Gloucester Library, GL1 1HT


Sneak peeks

Is the library ready for Jonny’s unique storytelling style?!

What to expect

Renowned stand-up poet and lo-fi theatremaker Jonny Fluffypunk presents a brand spanking new little show for families, with story, song, poetry, puppetry, and a healthy dose of anarchy.

At the end of a soon-to-be-closed-down pier in a forgotten seaside town, Pierre the pier handyman spends the last weeks as he always does: catching fish for his old bedridden mother and making strange and wonderful things from the rubbish he finds on the beach.

Then who should wash into his life but a homeless mermaid with a spiky attitude and a story to tell! And things aren’t going to be the same again… Can kindness lead to great things? Can a bit less litter make a difference? Can the world’s first human/mermaid rock ‘n’ roll band make big waves?

Age Recommendation: 7+
Duration: 45 minutes

“Acute social observation, intricate humour, surreal fantasy, sharp irony and wit… and England’s most pretentious moustache”
The Independent on Jonny Fluffypunk

Awesome people who are making this event possible 🎉🙏

Coming up Events



🗓 Wednesday 7 October, 7.30pm
📍 Gloucester Guildhall, GL1 1NS
🎟 100 spaces. Tickets £12/£7


Sneak peeks

Expect to see aerial feats like this, up close and personal

Hot UK circus! An audacious, touching, exhilarating tour-de-force of physical heroics – where handshakes become handstands and backslaps become backflips. 

Running time: 60 mins


“astonishing circus skills”
Time Out

“a wonder to behold”
The Metro

“this jaw-droppingly magnificent show”
The Stage

“smartly crafted and highly entertaining”
Times, London

Awesome people who are making this event possible 🎉🙏


Performers: Beren D’Amico, Louis Gift, Charlie Wheeller
Director: Eddie Kay
Producer: Di Robson
Additional choreography: Ella Robson Guilfoyle
Production: Manager Hannah Blamire
Photography: Chris Nash

Produced by DREAM funded by Arts Council England with support from Underbelly Productions through Circus Maximus and the National Centre for Circus Arts.