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Workshops, meetups & gig night for young activists

Are you a young person (15-25) in Gloucestershire?

Ever feel fed up of wanting things to be better?

You’re not alone!

We’re putting on some events in Gloucester for you – including workshops, meetups and a gig night.

Get involved in some free events where you can meet and chat with other people like you.

And then, on 30 July, come along to a day of activities and a gig night to let your hair down 🎉

Timeline and tickets

June: online workshop/hangout: ‘youth?’

Get some of those big questions off your chest in an online meetup: do young people have to drive all change? Why does the media love talking about ‘the youth of today 🙄’? How does it feel to actually be ‘a young person’ in a world full of billionaires, dictators and giant systems of power? Do you love or hate the ‘young’ label?

Chat with Robin from RYSE and other yOuNg PeOpLe from across Gloucestershire…

🗓 6 June & 22 June, 6-8pm
📌 online, via Zoom
🎟 free!

July: on-site workshop/hangout: zine making

A drop-in session with amazing zine-makers Polly Gannaway-Pitts and Freya Freeman-Taylor, where you can learn how to design and produce your own zine.

🗓 early July – date and time TBC
📌 Kings House, Gloucester
🎟 free!

30 July: gig night/party

Bands, DJs, speakers, space to chat or dance or shout… Let it out!

🗓 30 July, time TBC
📌 venue TBC
🎟 free!

Massive thanks to these brilliant people for making this event possible:


Summer 2022

Workshops, meetups & gig night for young activists

🗓 6 & 20 June 2022, 6-8pm
📌 online, via Zoom
🎟 Free!

Westgate Street creative community takeover

🗓 Throughout the summer
📌 Westgate

Youth Theatre and Youth Dance activities

🗓 All year round
📌 Various locations
🎟 £70/term – free places also available

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‘Us’ – youth theatre show on a moving train!

The fantastic Strike A Light youth theatre have been cooking up something special…

A live performance on an actual train!

It’s an original show called ‘Us’ – all the Youth Theatre’s own ideas and work 🎉

It’s been specially commissioned by Cross Country and Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership

You should come and see it!

The show starts at Gloucester Train Station.

Then, we’ll all take our seats on the train as it sets off for Lydney.

During the journey, you’ll get to watch an amazing, original performance from the brilliant Youth Theatre members (ages 11-16).

At the other end, there’ll be a short walk to Lydney waterfront, where the show finishes.

Then you’ll have some time to explore the beautiful scenery and grab a drink in the local cafe, before heading home whenever suits you.

Your ticket includes the train journey AND a free drink and cake from Hips Social cafe in Lydney.

The show tickets are pay-what-you-choose, so you can get all that for free if you want!

Times, locations and other important info

10:20 Meet at Gloucester Train Station, Bruton Way GL1 1DE for safety briefing and ticket collection

10:30 Performance begins

11:00 All board train from Gloucester to Lydney

11:20 Arrive at Lydney Train Station

11:40 Performance finishes at Lydney Harbour, GL15 4ER

Everyone is then welcome to explore the beautiful surroundings, with a map provided by us, and enjoy a drink and slice of cake from the local independent cafe at Lydney Harbour. This is all included in your ticket

12:55 Return train journey from Lydney to Gloucester (included in your ticket). This is the next available train back to Gloucester, although you may decide to stay longer and choose an alternative train time that suits you.

There is a 15 minute walk from Lydney Train Station to the harbour. The ground is uneven so appropriate footwear is recommended.

Please let us know about any dietary requirements so we can inform the cafe prior to your visit.

Any questions or queries, please contact

This event has limited capacity so please only attend if you have a ticket.
This event is now sold out!

This project is only possible thanks to these brilliant people:


Cupid’s Revenge

Welcome to Cupid’s Revenge!

Thanks for coming along. It’s great to have you with us 🎉

We hope you have a fantastic night. We want to put on events that people love – incredible experiences that send you home buzzing.

So your feedback is really important. Please take 2 mins to tell us if you had a good time or not!

Credits and thanks

Created by: Tom Roden & Pete Shenton
Performed by: Andy Gardiner & Ben Wright
Composer: Gareth Ellis Williams
Designer: Will Holt
Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom
Writing Advisor: Jayne Williams
Additional Direction and Choreographic Advice: Anna Williams
Production Manager: Carly Hook
Creative & Strategic Producer: Claire Summerfield at Tandem Works
Producer: Katy Noakes at Tandem Works
Additional Music: ‘Push the Feeling’ by Night Crawlers

Special thanks to: Stuart Bowden; Curve; Lewys Holt; Hull Dance; Sarah Johnson; Steph McMann; Priya Mistry; Es Morgan; Chris Preece; Shane Shambu; Jon Beney.

Download the full info sheet


We’d love to know what you thought about the show and a little about you (to help us plan for future events).

It only takes 2 minutes and it’s SO helpful to hear your feedback. Thank you!

More events coming up in Gloucester…

If you enjoyed this evening, check out some of these other events coming up soon:

You can also sign up to our mailing list to make sure you’re the first to know what’s coming up, and can get in there quick for tickets!


* indicates required
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Kings Square Launch: giant dance flashmob

Kings Square is fully reopening – complete with fountains again!

To celebrate, there’s going to be a whole day of exciting, FREE events

We’re bringing our own bit of Strike A Light flavour to the party – with a giant dance flashmob 🎉

It’s going to be a collaboration between the incredible Avant Garde Dance and 100+ Gloucester residents, of all different ages and backgrounds


You can also see Avant Garde’s brand new dance x VR show – ‘Scrum’ 😮

An electrifying 35-minute hip-hop dance theatre performance for all ages. Audiences are immersed in a riotous protest; as a rabble of young digital natives confront a powerful regime. Live performance overlaps virtual reality! Bring a smartphone to access hidden content 🤫

You do not want to miss this one!

There’ll be cool stuff happening from 1pm-9pm. Come along for as much as you like. (Full timings below)

The whole day is completely free and you don’t need tickets – just turn up whenever you want!


Daytime activities

  • 1pm: ribbon cutting and fountains playing
  • 1.30pm-2.05pm: ‘Scrum’ – dance x VR performance from Avant Garde
  • 1pm-5pm: family circus skills classes by Circomedia. Plus Gloucester Swing Dance demonstrations

Evening activities

  • 6pm: DJ set and welcome from your hosts
  • 6.30pm: giant dance flashmob!
  • 7pm-7.15pm: fountain show
  • 7.30-8.05pm: ‘Scrum’ – dance x VR performance from Avant Garde
  • 8.15-8.50pm: ‘Wave At The Moon’ – circus performance from Cirque Bijou and the Bullzini High Wire Company

Hungry Nation – hear true accounts of food poverty in Britain today

There are more food banks than branches of McDonald’s in the UK

5.7 million UK adults experienced food insecurity from Aug 2021 to Jan 2022

30.8% of all food purchased in the UK is thrown away

Statistics like these can seem hard to believe –
until you encounter people’s stories first-hand.

Food poverty truths

Hungry Nation is a creative collaboration, involving 8 people who want to get their experiences of food poverty heard by a wider audience.

Faiza, Roxie, Simon, Nick, Tony, Bradley, Tom and Hema will take to a stage with a new piece of theatre in their home town of Coventry as part of its City of Culture year – to express what it feels like not knowing where your next meal will come from.

Join us on an epic journey to unpick why people are going hungry in one of the richest countries in the world.

On 28-30 April, you can come along to the Albany Theatre in Coventry and hear these stories for yourself.

The 8 participants will share their words with you in the way they’ve chosen – through live music, storytelling, audio and movement.

Inspired by real accounts from volunteers and members of Foleshill Social Supermarket with lived experience of food poverty, this unflinching performance has been entirely co-created with them.

🗓 Thurs 28–Sat 30 April 2022
📌 Albany Theatre, Coventry, CV5 6JQ
🎟 £3

Personal accounts

How Hungry Nation came about

The Hungry Nation participants are from Coventry and they have all lived in food poverty and insecurity.

They are women, men, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers – ordinary people who found themselves in totally unexpected hardship.

Many of them they have never been given the chance to express themselves before. Over the last 6 months, they have worked with professional artists to create work and share their stories as well as their brilliant creativity. There is a real gift for writing in the group.

People became involved in the project through their association with Foleshill Community Centre: a social supermarket, a community centre and a space that holds a lifeline for many in the community. It is an amazing place, that literally saves lives by feeding people.

This has been a sensitive journey for many, as sharing their story is triggering. The path to food poverty is a traumatic one, which no one chooses.

It is a journey that has created substantial mental health issues – but the participants have found that joining a creative, co-created process has really helped. When you’re hungry and you have to choose between heating your house or feeding your children, being creative is not a priority.

At the start of 2022, the group of 8 decided they wanted to work together and Co-create a performance with music, their own accounts of food poverty and a narrative storyline combining wider themes.

Hungry Nation is the result.

This has been a co-created process, meaning it’s been developed with and for a community, rather than ‘done to’ them.

At Strike A Light, we’ve been working in this way for a while. It’s important to us that work is produced collaboratively, in a way that genuinely shares power amongst the collaborators.

In this instance, we’re not experts in food poverty – the participants in the project are. Their voice and experiences have shaped everything about Hungry Nation.

As part of the process, we worked with one participant to record an original song: ‘Just A Number’, written and performed by David Wright. David is based in Coventry; he is married with three children and has lived experience of food poverty.

Who’s involved

The participants sharing their stories as part of Hungry Nation are:

  • Faiza
  • Roxie
  • Simon
  • Nick
  • Tony
  • Bradley
  • Tom
  • Roy

The creative team for Hungry Nation includes:

  • Jo Newman, Director
  • Caroline Horton, Writer
  • Naomi Said, Movement Director
  • Tom Johnson, Musical Director

Foleshill Community Supermarket

If you would like to help, please consider supporting Foleshill Community Supermarket. Their work is invaluable, offering a dignified shopping experience and feeding between 300-400 people a week.

Co-created art

This project is made possible thanks to the generous support of:


Cupid’s Revenge

Made with love…

In today’s disposable world, where love is used to sell us everything from fizzy  drinks to insurance policies… where did real love go?  

This dance theatre comedy show by New Art Club is about love… Mythical love that drives the creation of the universe and everything in it. Romantic love. Love between friends. It is funny, sad and reflective. It is not a story but it holds lots of stories inside it. In that way, it is like you. It has a huge glowing red heart that has crashed landed onto the stage. 

Cupid’s Revenge was made as a response to the cynicism and division that is  all around us. It is made with Love.

“Physical comedy with brains, I laughed ‘til my face hurt”

The Observer (Feel About Your Body)

Where and when

Gloucester Guildhall

23 Eastgate Street,
Gloucester, GL1 1NS

Wed 27 April 2022, 7:30pm

Practical details & tickets

The show lasts about 60 minutes.

For ages 12+ (mild swearing).

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

A show like this would often cost £10-£15. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone. Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

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Club Origami: a GL4 event

What to expect

A perfect daytime activity for under-5s

Get inspired by beautiful, imaginative performance and play

Bring your little ones along to Matson Library for a morning of unique paper performance and play.

Penguins, monsters, the sea…if you can dream it, Takeshi and friends can make it and bring it to life – just from paper!

Enjoy a gentle, creative performance with live music to fire up your imagination. Then get stuck into the giant pile of scrunched up, torn and folded paper for yourself 🎉

Stay and play afterwards, too!

⏰ 45 mins long, plus stay and play afterwards
👶 Ideal for under-5s but suitable for older children too
😌 Relaxed performance – get up and move around whenever you need to

Where and when

Matson Library

The local library in the middle of Matson. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be silent during this event! 🤫

Matson Library
6 Winsley Road
Matson, Gloucester

Tues 5–Weds 6 April
Performances at 11am and 1pm

Practical details

The event lasts about 45 minutes – and you’re welcome to stay and play after that.

We want anyone to be able to come along – so we’ve made the tickets pay what you choose.

A performance like this would often cost £7-£12. But we don’t want people to miss out because of price.

If you can’t afford anything at all, we’d love you to come along for free. If you can comfortably pay more than the suggested price, please consider doing so – generosity is good for everyone. Whatever your situation, we want you to be welcome. There are no favourites at our events: you’re all family to us 💖

⏰ 45 mins long, plus stay and play afterwards
👶 Ideal for under-5s but suitable for older children too
😌 Relaxed performance – get up and move around whenever you need to

Book tickets online


Westgate Street Creative Community Takeover

Bringing residents’ ideas to life and transforming the high street

Let’s give Westgate Street some love! ❤️

In 2022, the city is going to put a lot of work into regenerating Westgate high street: turning disused shops and empty spaces into buzzing places where exciting things are happening.

What that regeneration looks like – what events are put on, what activities take place – should be shaped by the stories, experiences and ideas of the people who live in Westgate Street.

So we’re going to team up Westgate Street residents with a pair of brilliant artists who can help bring their creative ideas to life 🤩

What are your ideas for a great street party?! 🎉⬇️

    Suggestion box

    What are your ideas for a great street party?! 🎉⬇️ Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

      Meet the artists

      R.M. Sánchez-Camus

      Hello neighbours,

      I’m Marcelo and I’ll be running workshops, chatting to neighbours and collecting big and small ideas!

      I love to create public and social art that includes everyday people like you and me.

      Here are some of my art works:

      We’ll create something unique for the high street and everyone’s ideas are welcome!

      Looking forward to meeting you,


      Let’s connect on social media!
      Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

      Amy Freeman

      A warm welcome to you all!

      My name is Amy and I am a community artist and social sculptor. My favourite place to work is at the end of your street.

      I am beyond excited to be working this year with RM Sanchez Camus, National Artist in Residence, Katrina McGonagle (Westgate Community Producer for Strike A Light) and the residents, organisations and businesses of Westgate Street as the Gloucestershire based Artist in Residence for the High Street Heritage Action Zone project (Gloucester Culture Quarter).

      We have grand plans for a community takeover in support of the exciting regeneration project in one of the most exciting and creative parts of our beloved city.

      During the next couple of months we will be appearing in various forms around you to encourage more art and creativity.

      We will let you know what’s happening and where, as our ideas and plans unfold over the next few weeks.

      In the meantime, please look out for us as we pop up in various places with my mobile art cart – or ‘the hub of happiness’ as I like to call it.

      Tea, coffee, cake and conversation will be readily available and opportunity to join in some quirky art activities in the street.

      We are also very keen to meet local residents who would like a space, a place or an opportunity to work with us to show their own creativity as individuals or groups.

      Singers, performers, choirs, dancers, makers, artists, musicians, community groups, jugglers, parent groups, poets.

      Feel welcome to contact us for a chance to make dreams come true and our Westgate shine in a special joint celebration!

      Want to get involved?

      If you’re a resident of Westgate Street, we’d love for you to be part of these conversations. Just drop us a line!

      About the HSHAZ project

      Westgate is one of the oldest and best preserved areas of Gloucester and the main commercial route linking the cathedral to the rest of the city. One of four original Roman routes, Westgate links the spectacular medieval cathedral to the rest of the city. Its array of stunning historic buildings includes the 15th century timber-framed Fleece Inn and Judges’ Lodgings. 

      Following a successful bid to Historic England, a local consortium of organisations – Cathedral Quarter Gloucester (CQG) – is developing and delivering schemes transforming and restoring disused and dilapidated buildings into new homes, shops, workplaces, restoring local historic character and improving public spaces.

      The artist residency programme has been established as part of High Street Heritage Action Zone programme to increase the range and number of Gloucester residents engaging with artistic and creative activities inspired by the heritage of the area.


      Spring 2022

      Join artists and community members in Westgate and see your ideas come to life on the high street

      📌 Westgate Street
      🗓 Throughout 2022
      🎟 Free!

      “I laughed til my face hurt”

      Come watch a live show with us – it’s got dance, comedy, romance, a little bit of pondering the universe… what more could you want?

      📌 Gloucester Guildhall
      🗓 Weds 27 April
      🎟 Pay what you choose

      Kings Square is reopening! And we’re bringing our own bit of Strike A Light flavour to the launch party – with a giant dance flashmob 🎉

      📌 Kings Square, GL1 1RP
      🗓 Sat 30 April, 6.30pm
      🎟 FREE – no tickets required, just turn up