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Soozy Roberts: ‘The Covid Covers’

The Covid Covers is an online project by Soozy Roberts, where you are invited to dedicate a song to someone who deserves a shout-out during lockdown and social-distancing. The idea developed out of a series of self-portraits she created in 2017 that had songs as titles – the challenge being to create your own song cover using yourself, household members and objects.

The dedications will be played on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and a special one-off show on Song covers and dedications will be exhibited on the website gallery and the top 10 images will be printed, framed and presented to GRH as a thank you for their amazing efforts. We hope to hold a concert in Gloucester when things return to normal. Get involved over at!

About the artist

Soozy Roberts is a socially-engaged artist working in a range of disciplines and with communities to bring art into everyday environments and site-specific spaces.

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Collected poems – from Halima Malek

Halima is a Gloucester-based poet and long-time friend of Strike A Light. During lockdown, she worked with her local community, encouraging people to write and record their experiences. This is what she collected.

In The Corners Of Minds

Rizpah Amadasun

Restless with no sense of time, for what once was. 
In denial that we might never get it back again. 
What if the future is better then what is desired to be repeated. 
Wonder on what can be done in the present. 
Than cast gloom on all we knew. 
There are simple ways to laugh. 
Kinder ways to journey through memories. 
Now is important to find a joyful way to live too.


Abdul Huq (age 10)

Everything had closed down like: schools, shops, markets, swimming pools, everything and it’s because of a virus called coronavirus. This virus is new and it’s taking over the world and it’s ruining everyone’s life and a lot of people are dying from it. So the government had decided to force people to stay at home from this, because they are worried about us and because of the virus, you have to keep the social distancing from others because they might have the virus and you don’t know about it. When you cough you must put your hand and cough as well when you sneeze. This is really important for your safety so you know that the whole of the world are collaborating to find treatment for this pandemic so we start the normal life like before so we have to remember the good times. We have missed going to a party or going to the park with your friends and swimming with your family so much. So you should forget about the bad Pandemic that is making us feel sad and scared, but don’t worry one day everything will change and everything will be like before and your dreams will come true.

Our Guest

Sajida Kathrada

You came uninvited, and you decided to stay
No red carpet or banquet was prepared for your way.
Although no transport by sea, road or air
You still managed to enter planes no one would dare.
No restrictions, no rules, you were free to roam the world.
From China you set forth, no baggage or passport, no visa required
You came alone.

Travelling from one country to next, you enjoyed and rested well
No immigration laws of Brexit could stop you on your way
Nor the walls or barriers of Trump’s USA
No missiles of Putin’s Soviet could deter your track.

No race, religion or colour do you have,
Yet you still enjoy the freedom of your travel.
You prey on your host, making them weak.
You do not choose rich or poor.
Your aim is to control and leave the world in despair.
Your presence caused “a lockdown” –
A word we never knew…
Families distanced, prisoners in our own homes,
A life so unreal in this modern world.

Yet you made us reflect, made us think.
The value of ‘life’ –
Kindness, care, helpfulness, appreciation were
No longer just words but the actions we took.

However a small request now:
It’s time for you to depart
Please, “guest”, leave us now
So we may love, laugh and huge once again.

Words by Lina

With this situation, I feel calm most of the time and optimistic that the end of this situation is close to the end, and that I take advantage of being with my children for a long time, but this feeling does not last long.The study of children is what worries me most, and my husband work as well, and I wish everyone the best.


Halima Malek

What has happened to the world?
Why is it crying out in pain?
What have we done so wrong?
Who has caused this pain?

I feel a numbness, around me
I smell fear in the air
The deserted streets
No sound of laughter
But children crying in fear

What has happened to the world?
Why is it crying out in pain?
What have we done so wrong?
Who has caused this pain?

The flowers all still blooming
The birds still sing their songs
The bees buzz all around me
The butterflies spread their warmth.

What has happened to the world?
Why is it crying out in pain?
What have we done so wrong?
Tell me who caused this pain?

Humans now all dress in masks
Walking away, without a hello
No good mornings
Or ill see you soon
No come round for tea
Or a pop in and how are you?

What has happened to the world?
Why is it crying out in pain?
What have humans done so wrong?
Who really caused this pain?

Blossom has now been and gone
Just like the daffodils of spring
Tulips now colour the ground
And lavendar has spread her wings.

What has happened to the World?
Nature is pushing us far away
Humans are not wanted anymore
Mother nature is screaming out in pain

Nature is still around me
The sun still shines the same
The grass is green
The sky still a vivid blue
The stars are still twinkling and talking to the moon
Everything looks familiar in my garden
But the world outside my front door has changed

But nothing is the same
My heart isn’t the same
I dont feel safe
I dont feel safe
I fear people around me
I yearn for a hug
A touch
A warming embrace

I wish that this was but a dream
I’ll soon wake up to life as I’d known it before this began
Where I walked, and said hello to my neighours
And could Hug and kiss my Nan


Creative support

We love supporting young people to develop their artistic skills and careers. We can help you put on a show, find training or work opportunities – or we’d happily just have a chat with you!

Drop us a line, any time:

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Made at Hawkwood: Friday Reads

About three years ago, Alicia from Hawkwood and Emma Jane, our Co-Artistic Director, cooked up a cunning plan to offer artist residencies in the beautiful setting of Hawkwood, with producer support from Strike A Light. 

Like all residencies, working for a week at Hawkwood provides invaluable time and space for artists to develop their shows, write or rehearse. Unlike other residencies, it comes with the bonus of being in the beautiful Cotswold hills, and the BEST food. In fact when we’re talking to artists about how it went and how we can support the next stage of their work, we have a hard time getting them off the subject of the food. But we caught up with a few people who’ve been at Hawkwood recently to find out how it went, and- other than the daily home made cake- what their highlights were.

Vinnie Heaven

We’ve been working with the amazing Vinnie Heaven since the beginnings of Strike A Light. We like to support new ideas and new voices getting to the stage and Vinnie wanted to use their show to make a change in the world. Vinnie worked at Hawkwood with director Emma Williams to create their show She’s A Good Boy. The show then went on a very successful national tour and you can read more about that journey here.

“Your first exploration and draft is raw, its messy, frustrating, painful at times. At Hawkwood you get three meals a day at set times that force you out of your head and away from your words and allow you designated time to chat to other artists and makers. The food is phenomenal, that’s just a fact. The head space meals provide is integral. That’s a fact too.  You can sleep there! you can completely escape life and have a week in picturesque gardens and light studios to just – make!”

Dani Harris Walters

Last year we did a call out to local and national artists in partnership with Everyman Theatre and Hawkwood to commission a brand new piece of Black led theatre or dance. The recipient was the brilliant Dani Harris Walters. Dani and his team spent a week at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham and a week at Hawkwood developing a brand new piece ‘Nanny’ before performing a scratch at the All Nations Community Centre (a highlight of our year that you can read a bit more about here). The finished show is coming to Gloucester too so watch this space.

Check out this video of Dani and the team during their residency. 👇

Saili Katebe

We regularly have open calls for artists to share work in progress at our Scratch Nights (find out more). In September 2019 we were lucky enough to have poet Saili Katebe share some of his new spoken word at our scratch night. We were really excited by Saili’s work and wanted to continue our support. Saili applied for a residency and worked at Hawkwood in December alongside other spoken word artists Sean Mahoney, Katie Greenall, JPDL & Grove.

“Day one of the residency was an amazing reminder of how much there is to pick apart and build, and what that time was able to give me to pull apart and bring back together. Having shared a scratch of my work a few times and received some notes and feedback, the time to consider the feedback allowed me to really shape and reshape the project as opposed to piling things on top of what I already had.

“I am excited about where I am with the project and hungry to tuck into it and bring it to life. I’m excited for the team to see the next sharing of the work and I look forward to sharing this creative journey with Strike A Light.

Bootworks Theatre

Bootworks’ new show NINE will star nine local nine year olds, sharing their thoughts, at the midpoint between birth and adulthood. In summer 2020 they’ll be working with young people in Matson, Gloucester, to create the show and in January 2020 had a week at Hawkwood to develop the ideas.

Here’s Andy, one of the Bootworks artistic directors, to tell you more about that week…

If you are interested in finding out more about how to apply for a future residency then you can keep an eye on our opportunities page or sign up to our artist mailing list.


Musician Call Out

Musician Call Out January 2, 2020

Our Associate Artist’s Raised Eyebrows Theatre are looking for a musician to join them on their upcoming tour of Charmane.

Musician Call Out

Raised Eyebrows Theatre are seeking a musician to join us for our tour of Charmane beginning this month. The ideal person will be an accomplished guitar player, have a strong singing voice, be able to learn music quickly, have experience of touring, be friendly and outgoing, and work brilliantly in a small team.

Charmane is a gentle exploration in to gender identity for family audiences, using puppetry and live music. Raised Eyebrows Theatre are a Gloucestershire based company and are associate artists of Strike A Light. The show is supported by Battersea Arts Centre, The Collaborative Touring Network, Strike A Light, GL4 & Arts Council England.

You can find out more about the show and company here:

Key dates:

  • Rehearsals: 20 – 24 January
  • Tour: 25 January, 1 February, 8 February, 9 February, 13 February, 15 February, 19 February, 20 February, 21 February
  • Fee: £100 p/d

Deadline for applications: Saturday 11 January

To apply please send a CV and cover letter to

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THANK YOU for supporting our campaign


Thank you so much for donating to our campaign. You’re brilliant! Because of all of you, children in Gloucester now get to see a show for free.


Thanks for being part of the Strike A Light family!

We couldn’t do it without you 😊🙏


Outdoor VR Dance in Matson

A GL4 event, in partnership with Strike A Light


From The Light Of The Fire, Our Dancing Shadows
🗓 26-27 June, various times throughout the day
📍 The Green, Matson, GL4 6LL
🎟 Free!

What to expect

VR headsets, gold coats and a massive gantry are landing in Matson. Dance through outer space in the middle of the green on the estate! 👨‍🚀

Our Dancing Shadows explores two sides of the same experience, one in VR and the other watching on. It uses the latest VR technology to enable people to collaborate in the same virtual world at once, untethered and outside.

You can choose to watch the dancers and/or be a dancer yourself. If you choose to dance, you’ll take to the stage wearing a VR headset. You do not need to have experienced VR before in order to be a dancer, or have any experience of dance. It is not a competitive environment. If you choose to be a dancer in the VR experience you will find yourself guided through a gentle, poetic VR world.

Awesome people who are making this event possible 🎉🙏


A Kaleider Production, written and directed by Seth Honnor with Andy Wood and All Seeing Eye.