For Artists

Over the last few years we have worked with hundreds of artists, offering support from a one-off advice session to producing national tours. You can find out about our current opportunities and learn more about how we programme below .


If you are an artist, producer or other performance creative, or are starting out in your career then we offer a range of support which is open to anyone.

We send out a monthly email where we share our current opportunities and also those from other organisations across the country. If you’d like to sign up please click here.

We run a programme of low cost workshops and training sessions which cover topics such as project management, fundraising and finance, as well as opportunities to develop your performance skills.

You can search for current workshops on our Opportunities page.

In addition we offer residencies, rehearsal space, commissions and other types of support.


Post COVID we are not going back to ‘normal’. We have reshaped the way we programme, presenting fewer shows across the year. We look for longer term artist relationships that includes community embedding in Gloucester.

We’ve dispensed with our programming strand and now have Participation / Co-Creation / Let Artist Be Artists  / Sharing Methodology as our 4 strands. Programming needs to serve these strands and be led by what they need.

We are shifting away from Artistic Director programming to devolved decision making around programming by the communities we work with (Co-Created Programming).

2022 Programming Update

Spectacle in Public Spaces

We will work with city partners and Gloucester residents to programme and commission events people could never have imagined coming to their city. The focus will be on spectacle, on large scale and usually outdoor work, staged with local and sometimes national partners. These events will enable residents to:

  • see the city in a new light
  • be uplifted 
  • feel more positive about where they live
  • bring about a shift in perceptions and different ways of thinking

It brings visibility and a broad reach, meaning we can engage significant numbers of people from across the city and beyond, in contrast to our often hyperlocal co-created programmes. 

This strand of work creates the space for things people didn’t know they needed until they saw it.

Who we’re working with

We work more closely with a small number of artists, supporting them as they develop new projects. These artists bring new ideas and exciting and underrepresented voices to the stage and our support is usually as a result of seeing their work at an early stage and building a relationship over a period of time. This includes Commissioning and residencies in partnership with University of Gloucestershire. We are currently working closely with:

  • Avant Garde Dance
  • Multi Story Orchestra
  • John Pfumojena
  • Florence Espeut-Nickless
  • Tom Marshman
  • Dani Harris Walters
  • Yolanda Mercy
  • Conrad Murry
  • R.M. Sánchez-Camus
  • Amy Freeman

Let Artists Be Artists

For too long, there have been massive inequalities in terms of who benefits from ‘The Arts’ – both as audiences and professionals.

Artists go underpaid, under-heard and under-supported. And the industry is not truly open to everyone. We want to change that.

So we launched a year-long experiment: what would happen if we paid artists to just…be artists?

Let Artists Be Artists Associates: Tom Marshman, Florence Espeut-Nickless & John Pfumojena.