Past Shows


Bottom is about bums, Beyoncé and burnt fish fingers. Join Willy for a queer coming-of-age remix, as he questions if ‘bottom’ in the bedroom means ‘bottom’ in life –and whether Beyoncé can help put his love on top.

A Haunted Existence

Join Tom Marshman in a special performance blending creative technology, music and projection as he retraces the forgotten true story of a young local man who was arrested for gross indecency

Scratch Night #1

See exciting, brand new shows while they’re still in development and give your feedback!


Nest is a stunning multi-sensory experience for pre-walking babies and their parents and carers.

Scratch Night #2

Dani Harris-Walters and Jamaal Burkmar are amazing dance performers, each working on fantastic new shows. This is your chance to see those shows while they’re still being shaped – and give your feedback direct to the artists

Man On The Moon

Keisha communicates with her reclusive dad through books, letters and symbols. But when the letters stop coming she is forced to venture into his world

I Wish I Was A Mountain

On the day of the famous annual fair, the town of Faldum receives an unexpected visit. A wanderer offers to grant a wish to anyone who wants one.

Doodle Dance

The Doodle Dance Show is a playful and innovative show for families that combines drawing and dance

A Night's Game

A Night’s Game reflects the turmoil and strife of human emotion when faced with the prospect of incarceration. Explore the minds journey as the contemplation of the loss of freedom engulfs every waking moment.

Binaural Dinner Date

Following sold-out London performances, ZU-UK are bringing interactive performance Binaural Dinner Date to Gloucester. Come and #BeTheDate


The story of The Man in the Moon is a familiar one, but what if it wasn’t an old man all the way up there, but a young woman?

Museum of the Moon

In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, wonder at Luke Jerram’s internally lit replica of the moon as it floats in the Nave.

Louder Is Not Always Clearer

Jonny is a teacher, a workshop leader and an avid football fan. He’s an artist, a campaigner and he’s just become a father. He is also deaf. He loves to dance, but he can’t hear the music unless the bass is turned right up.

The Money

Work with other Players to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 1 hour to come to a decision. If you decide unanimously in the allotted time you get to take the money away and spend it.


A festive adventure for the family, complete with live music, singing and puppetry.

The Little Prince comes to Matson

🗓 1 February, Robinswood Primary

Come on an incredible journey across the entire universe of stars, ideas and dreams – somehow magically crammed into a school hall!