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November 21
Watch as a group of Players attempt to decide how to unanimously spend a pot of money in an allotted time frame.
November 14
Jonny uses projection and mime, dance and drawing to get the audience on their feet.
October 31
Stella is an original story about a young woman’s quest to reclaim the night, to keep the stars shining bright and to save her home using projection, clowning and aerial circus.
October 23
Looking for love or an existing couple who simply want a very different dating experience? Join this part interactive performance, part dating agency.
October 22
Alleyne Dance create a dark, atmospheric and abstract work that is as thrilling as it is powerful.
October 19
A playful and innovative show for  families that combines drawing and dance.
October 18
Toby Thompson uses rhyme, live music, and just a smattering of metaphysical philosophy to boldly reimagine Herman Hesse’s classic fairytale.
October 16
A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and Afro-futurism.
October 16 - 04
Luke Jerram’s 3D floating artwork!
October 09
Get a preview of new shows including dance artists Dani Harris-Walters and Jamaal Burkmar. 
October 07 - 08
A stunning multi-sensory experience for pre-walking babies
September 25
See exciting projects in their early stages and give your feedback!