Public Trust // Giant promise board

Take a pause and make a promise on a giant outdoor board in the middle of Gloucester //
Thursday 4-Saturday 6 July // Kings Walk Gl1 1EA // FREE

a closeup on hands moving white letters on a black board to spell out a promise as part of 'Public Trust'

On the weekend of the UK general election, come and take a pause for a totally unique experience all about PROMISES.

Three dancers smile in position in front of the giant promise board, which says 'we will always empower women'

"It was a really amazing experience – sort of weird, but in a good way. It was quite beautiful to stop and think about who I make promises to and why. I've never done anything like it before!"
– member of the public who made a promise

A smiling child proudly points at the giant promise board, which reads 'I promise to tidy my Lego on Sundaays'


The giant promise board will be in Kings Walk for 3 days only: Thursday 4 July–Saturday 6 July.

The promise board will be open:

If you want to take part and make a promise of your own, it will take about 20 minutes – it's an experience that will stay with you, so you don't want to rush it.

You can come and look at the ever-changing board any time you like.

Table set up for Public Trust showing the different ways for people to make promises.'


The giant promise board will be in Kings Walk shopping centre, in the covered walkway between Kings Square and Eastgate Street.

Gloucester Transport Hub is a five-minute walk from the venue and the nearest bus stop is outside of Boots.


This event is totally free to view and to take part in – including the artwork of your promise that you get to take home.