Sharing ways of working

Changing the arts means changing the infrastructure of the industry, too: board and governance, how organisations work with artists, funding, recruitment…

That’s why we’re continually looking at how we can improve the ways we do our work. And we try to share what we discover and decide and do, too.

anonymous man with birthday cupcake in cafe

Our first new, workshop-style board meeting

That was the question under discussion in the first board meeting following our new workshop format. (Backstory: we recently came up with a new plan for our board meetings and […]

people pointing at a map

Changing charity leadership #2: who can lead?

This is the second in a short series of rants and resolutions about why charity boards/governance structures are often a pale imitation of what they should be, and what we […]

An animated GIF. A group of people dance in a community centre while the lights fade through different colours.

The Strike A Light Recipe for Great Cultural Events

Since 2013, we’ve been working in Gloucester to create great cultural events and experiences that can bring communities together, make life vibrant and exciting – and change things for the better. In that time, we’ve learned loads about what works and what doesn’t.