A Night’s Game
October 22, 2019
In association with Lives Of Colour for Black History Month Gloucestershire.

A Night’s Game

By Alleyne Dance

Tuesday 22 October | 7:30pm
Gloucester Guildhall

Tickets: £12/£7

A Night’s Game reflects the turmoil and strife of human emotion when faced with the prospect of incarceration. Explore the mind's journey as the contemplation of the loss of freedom engulfs every waking moment. Kristina and Sade bring to the stage dynamism and athletic strength delivered with grace and beauty. Inspired by true-life events, Alleyne Dance creates a dark, atmospheric and abstract work that is as thrilling as it is powerful.

“Let me tell you about a game I play,

Where I close my eyes and fade away

In this special place you see

There are only two people”


Recommended Age: 8+